Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Obama Posts Recovery Act Web Site

So I'm in one of those ridiculous forum arguments at the local newspaper with Obamaniac "willoughby2". Willoghby2 (the cad from Jane Austen?) tells me that all the information we need to know is in the Obama site which everyone already knows about. Hell, why should I keep talking. I'll just copy our latest bout of jousting:

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On Feb 17, 2009 at 08:20 PM, Willoughby2 said:

This will tell you were the spending is going so you can stop with rumors.

Yeah, I looked at that site yesterday.... parts of it are informative but the site is something of a magical mystery tour mixed with agitprop. So you're saying also that it's a "rumor" about Harry Reid's insertion into the bill of a train from Los Angeles to Vegas?

Like most people, I would support provisions of a true stimulus bill but Obama's plan was a runaway train filled with pork in the hands of Pelosi and Reid et al. The President should have spanked them hard but he's too unsure of himself and his leadership. In short, it's amateur hour at the White House and I wish things would improve. There's already a credibility problem with the "stimulus" bill- - big mistake. Obama said he would "create jobs" but now he's switched his language to "create or save 3 or 4 million jobs."

GM and Chrysler are back again for more billions and the UAW-KGB won't yet reveal the terms of its so-called agreement with GM.

The housing and mortgage debt crises should have been a priority in the bill, not millions for the National Endownment of the Arts. I'm not against NEA even though it withholds money from conservatives and passes out money to its left-liberal toadies but that's not "stimulus". How does that create jobs that help the economy?

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