Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Michael Moore: Bowling for Columbine Mentality Afflicts Colorado Schools

Once again the gun control idiocy inspired by brain-fat movie guy Michael Moore has infected the classroom. This time it was Marie Morrow, honors student and a drill-team commander in the Young Marines, who was expelled from school. Marie's crime? Well, when you rehearse for drill team, you need these props, and it helps if the props resemble a rifle since that's what you're going to be twirling about.

The dangerous honors student, Marie Morrow, left the rifle shaped props in the back of her car at Cherokee Trail High School in Aurora, Colorado, where they were spotted by sharp-eyed anti-military PC proponents with axes to grind. The "props", made of wood and plastic and festooned with decoration, could only be mistaken for rifles by an half-educated buffoon like Michael Moore or his self-aggrandizing cohorts.

Nonetheless, the kid had to lose precious days at school while preparing for a competition at the Air Force Academy in April. She planned to attend practice for this right after school.

What's next? I wonder what would happen if she were to twirl one of those 3 ft American Flags. Would that also be counter to Colorado Law, and resemble a rifle in someone's eyes?

Should the young student sue the school for deprivation of education? I would only laugh if she did.

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