Saturday, January 31, 2009

Slick, Smooth-Talking Tom Daschle Joins Democratic Tax Cheats

It's getting to be a habit. God forbid the IRS agents should start churning into other federal tax matters in Obama appointees. First, there was Geithner and his TurboTax scandal. Barack spanked him and gave him a do-over opportunity. The Confirmation Committee caved, thinking that a bit of mercenary moral expedience would be excusable in an economic crisis. It's a fine example we're setting for the kids. A little bit of cheating is okay so long as you are photogenic and have an engaging personality.

Now Daschle doesn't have the "boy wonder" look. What he has is a slick, unctuous, but monotonous voice that could sell a lot of baby food. If he doesn't get the Commerce job, perhaps he can work for Gerber's.

But the news reports say he cheated Uncle Sam out of over a hundred thousand dollars. And they haven't so far reported who was Daschle's rich Sugar Daddy, either, no doubt out of an excess of caution. Why doesn't Daschle answer? That would solve the legal problem and truly be the "open government" the Dems are talking 'bout.

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