Sunday, December 27, 2009

Obama Administration Proud of Its Security Measures

So after three days, the Obama administration officials are out in force with a MESSAGE! The message is that everything worked beautifully in stopping the Christmas Bomber from taking down a Northwest Airline flight. Oh, really? I thought we just got lucky that the bomber effed up.

Napolitano and Gibbs insist, though, that it was through the clever security schemes of the Obama administration that thwarted a bigger disaster. Wow, thanks, Janet! I really feel like flying now. If this is success, I wonder how you'd define failure.

So the Christmas bomber was on a watch list, bought a one-way ticket with cash and no luggage, and spent most of the flight in the bathroom and yet, magically, the security measures worked? I'm still not getting it. I don't think Homeland Security is getting it either.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Did Congress Just Create the Tenth Circle of Hell?

The Health Care Bill passed the Congress but not without a sort of mordant humor. Most of the belly laughs come as Obama’s representatives in the Congress try to sell the package to the public by appearing on television and telling why ObamaCare, high taxes, congressional bribery, exploding deficits, health care rationing, death panels, different rules for different states, and a bunch of hidden bomblets which have yet to explode are so good for America. So where’s the funny part?

The funny part always comes when Obama’s mandarin of the moment introduces the topic, as Claire McCaskill did this morning on Fox News, by talking about the “previous administration.” This funny part can be recited first, or in the middle, or it can be recited last, but it will ALWAYS be recited. Senator John Kerry did the same when he appeared on the Fox Business Channel today with Don Imus.

The question as to when the Obama administration and its unctuous mouthpieces will take accountability for anything can be answered in this way: “Never.” Democratic Party shills and talking heads are not even embarrassed to recite this Sesame-street level ditty of indictment of the “previous administration.” Is this a case of pervasive and widespread “penis envy” (as Sigmund Freund would call it) that Obama and his staunchest supporters always measure their every action (or lack thereof) against those of George Bush? Democrats have seized the opportunity of open field running to jam a one-party bill down America’s throat, even while the majority of Americans don’t like the way it’s been written, and even less the way it’s been done.

Don’t these glorified sock puppets who appear to rationalize a poor offering realize that the public is angry—after they stop laughing, that is? When are the ObamaCare nanny-statists going to cut the Minister of Propaganda routine and realize that people are not as stupid as the Democrats presume them to be and that they do not like to be misled. “You lie!” said Joe Wilson. A better choice of words might have been: “You fib!” Or perhaps: “You propagandize!” Or maybe “You play politics with human life!” Or how about “You do not believe in representative democracy!” Well, some of those won’t fit on a bumper sticker.

What the Congress passed was a tangle of legislation which will strangle any attempts at clarity or focus upon the aspects of the health care system which really do need “reform.” But to call this “reform” is to call Pol Pot a social engineer for moving urban Cambodians to the country. How can “reform” not apply to doctors hit by extortionist tort insurance payments? How can “reform” prohibit buying insurance across state lines? How can “reform” prohibit buying medications from Canada? How can “reform” involve cutting 500 billion dollars from Medicare benefits just as millions of baby boomers are retiring after paying for it for all their working lives? How can “reform” guarantee profits to insurance and drug companies and their lobbies in perpetuity as a sop to obtain their silence if not their support?

There were about two provisions of the health care which could have been amended under true health care reform and which are in the current bill. Insurance companies will not be able to set maximum limits on coverage of the insured and they will not be able to reject persons with pre-existing conditions from coverage. What we needed was a reform of the catastrophic health care provisions, free market health care, tort reform, and the ability to buy medications from Canada. That could have been done without descending into the labyrinth of Congressional Democrats’ version of health care pork and bribery. What Congress needs to do now is summon the genius of Dante so that this bill, and the people who shoved it down our throats, may be consigned to yet another of his famous Circles of Hell.

Democrats' Health Care Bill Guarantees Profits for Big Pharma and Insurance Companies - Associated Content -

Democrats' Health Care Bill Guarantees Profits for Big Pharma and Insurance Companies - Associated Content -

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Today, We Are All From Nebraska

Yes, it's important to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Nebraska's Senator Ben Nelson who hornswoggled (Nebraska word) the Democrat Congress into paying for all of Nebraska's Medicaid Costs in perpetuity.

And why shouldn't we want to do that? Think of the consequences not doing that--of looking petty, or petulant, or prickly, or any of the other horrible adjectives which begin with a "p."

And wasn't it "'portant" to get a one-party health care vote in the dead of night? Think of the 26 million people who will be left alone, who will not have health care, unmolested by the Big Brother Government. Shouldn't we be glad for them that they won't have to either share or benefit from the multi-trillion dollar pig-in-a-poke Health Care Bill which nobody seems to know much about? And what about the new millions who we are told will be covered, though at third world levels? And why should senior receiving Medicare now not be thrilled with 500 billion in Medicare cuts? Sure, they worked for a benefit that will now be paid for free by the Big Brother government, but so what? It's the Christmas season. 'Tis the season for sharing. And that's why today we are all Nebraskans!

MSNBC's Morning Joe Television Show Running Hard for Second Place - Associated Content -

MSNBC's Morning Joe Television Show Running Hard for Second Place - Associated Content -

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Krauthammer Hammers Illinois Gitmo

Poker-faced Charles Krauthammer's first opening line made me LOL when he opened up on the detainee transfers to Illinois with:


Just about everyone believes that the Obama administration is making a big mistake in pandering to the loonie left with this decision to close Gitmo. Krauthammer worries, as we all do, that the Islamo-Nazis will be granted even further rights and privileges from the Obama administration as soon as their feet touch the burned ground.

Yet, the myrmidon dweebs of the jackass party continue to trumpet the transfer of these headcutters and attackers of innocent civilian victims as some sort of we'll-show-them kind of dumbshow, a kind of rationale that only makes sense among the minions of adult jejeune prep-school sophomores who hang around the Senate cloakroom giving each other wedgies. Do they really think that Al Qaeda gives a rat's ass about some little dumb-assed Department of Justice Dog and Pony Show?

There's no sense trying a counter-argument to this nonsense. Everyone knows what's going on. This administration speaks in a textbook boilerplate kind of language that defies discussion. Memorization. Repeat after me:

"The Mess We Inherited".... "If we don't get this tax on health care, health care costs will rise dramatically".... "the economy is improving but we have a ways to go".... "we are still in a recession but we're not in a recession"....blur-blur...blah-blah....

Thomson Illinois Becomes Gitmo Prisoner Terror Headquarters

I don't know exactly why I've fixated on Dick Durbin as the ultimate Dunce of Democratic Party Politics. Perhaps because he's from Illinois. Perhaps because his first and last name has an attractive alliteration with "Dunce." No matter the reason, Durbin was on TV today crowing about the jobs the Illinois Gitmo would provide. Yeah, well the jobs are good but it's pretty pathetic that the only kind of jobs the Obama administration can create are prison jobs.

What I'd like to talk about, however, is how stupid are these people who are defending Obama's decision to close Gitmo and bring in the prisoners to U.S. soil. Defenders assure us of the "complete safety" of the move. They tell us of the "Supermax" conditions of tight security, how these prisons are inescapable. Yeah, well that's nice too, but hardly the point.

What I'd like to know is how the Obamanites are going to prevent these murderin' psychotic nazi elite terrorists from communicating with other like-minded creeps inside and outside the prison system. The terrorists are going to be extended rights and avenues of communication that they don't have in Gitmo. In Gitmo, they're cut off. Terror communications go mostly nowhere, though I suspect some news traveled with released Gitmo prisoners.

But in Illinois? Please? Prisoners routinely order hits, and their lawyers (look up Lynne Stewart) routinely carry terrorist messages in spite the law. Thomson, Illinois--The New Al Qaeda Headquarters..

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tales from the Treasury Crypt, with Nancy Pelosi

In a press conference this week, Speaker Pelosi told news people that Democrats would like to rack up a health care plan quickly so that she could give it to the American people as a Christmas/ New Year’s “present.”

She didn’t mention whether she would include a receipt in the package so that we could quickly run back to Customer Service to return it or get something we can actually use—like a tax break to stimulate small business jobs. I expect those lines would be long enough to wind around the world since 54 percent of Americans are against it and only 34 percent for it.

These coming holidays are beginning to look more like the Mexican Day of the Dead, as Pelosi and Reid announce they want to raise the debt limit. As if “astronomical” is too limited an adjective to describe the Slush Fund that used to be the Taxpayer’s Treasury.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New York Governor Joins Ranks of Opposition to New York Gitmo

New York Governor David Patterson joined the growing list of big political players who oppose trying Gitmo prisoners in New York City. Just like Pete Hoekstra, Rudy Giuliani, Peter King, Joe Lieberman, and other prominent figures, Patterson announced that Eric Holder's plan was an idiotic idea. He'll have to go along with it, he acknowledged.

Of course, the whole thing is political farce, worthy of a laugh, if it weren't going to have such dire consequences.

Dick Durbin is a Duncemore

Man, a guy who really doesn't get it is Dick Durbin. He's been put out as a kind of unofficial spokesperson for the administration, a kind of expendable foot soldier, political cannon fodder and a dunce of the first order. Durbin defended the closed door proceeding going on right now in the Senate where another Health Care Bill is being secretly written in accordance with the usual Utopian cant.

On the issue of moving Guantanamo to New York and Illinois, he really doesn't get it. Durbin continues to focus the discussion on public safety of the surrounding community. Blah-blah...the community will be safe...more blah-blah....nobody's ever escaped Supermax..etc...and more blah-blah.... Giving these guys the dais is a sure soporific, the only problems is that you can't afford to go to sleep with these dunces at the helm.

Somebody ought to tell Duncemore Durbin how the prison grapevine works, and how Lynn Lefty Stewart, a New York lawyer, passed along classified information she obtained in the discovery process for a terror client. Durbin's like a retarded elderly family member rejoined from the institution.... smiling and drooling and spewing pre-fab catch phrases.

How the hell did Durbin get to be the number 2 guy in the House? Oh, forgot--they're Democrats.

David Obey (D) Says President's Team Lied about Job Claims

The crack Obama economic team recently published information about jobs on the White HOuse Recovery (ARRA) website and it's full of errors, mistakes, duplicated information, non-existent congressional districts and more. But how else could the administration come up with a canard sufficiently impressive to trumpet that Obama saved 600,000 jobs, except by fudging?

It's pretty bad when Democratic reps have to go public with this embarrassing information but they have to live with themselves. Apparently, that's what prompted David Obey to go public with his criticism of the Obama economic team for coming up with these lies.

Another Day of Waiting in Afghanistan

On the next chi-chi outing President Obama takes to New York City, I'd suggest he get tickets to a Brecht play called "Waiting for Godot." After that, he should see Shakespeare's "Hamlet." Both these plays have to do with waiting, being unable to make up one's mind, and with speaking in riddles.

But I guess the President, by his absurd ten-month long fanciful notions about "re-thinking" and wanting "additional options" has fulfilled his purpose of letting General McChrystal know who's boss. The President's behavior is typical of people lacking confidence in themselves, finding it then convenient to lay a heavy hand on the shoulders of the people who cannot easily speak out for obvious reasons.

Obama wants out. This "strategy" he has of waiting for fate to decide the issue for him is cowardly. Worse, it hurts the troops. Eventually, it will hurt all of America.

Health Care Debate Declared a Great Emotional Drain

The Obama administration is slipping backward as it tries to foist this greatest of all boondoggles on Americans who are worried about job loss, terrorism, and how to cope with household budgets. Almost everyone realizes that we need to remedy problems in the health insurance industry, but who needs this massive restructuring of the American political system and rearrangement of the economy? Only the loony-lefties, who want to pay for it with taxpayer dollars as we march with blindfolds to Obama's promised Utopia. I think, if we look hard, we can find that rarer species, the moderate Democrat, who has not gone over the borderlines of common sense. These are opposed to the pig-in-a-poke plan which comprises 2000 pages and nobody seems to understand. We're not supposed to understand it--we're just supposed to pass it.

We need to start over again with a 2 party system and make the changes where they're needed. Health care "reform" must be tightly focused on weak areas. It must include tort reform which is primarily a dial-for-dollars arrangement which forces doctors either out of business or into low-risk practices where seriously ill patients are refused treatment. We also have to be able to buy insurance across state lines. I've yet to hear anyone offer reasons as to why we cannot do so right now.

Reed, Pelosi, and Obama need to forget about this legislation right now. Start over. Forget the psycho-babble. Do it right.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Obama Seeks Gitmo in the Midwest

News reports say that the Obama administration is looking for jail real estate in rural Thomson, Illinois. A prison facility described as "state-of-the-art" by many news organizations may become the permanent facility for terrorist prisoners in that other state-of-the-art prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Plus ca change!....

If that's not ridiculous enough, consider that Dick Durbin and others are pushing the Terror Prison as a jobs program. Durbin told news reporters that the Thomson facility, if used to house Terrorist prisoners, could provide as much as 1000 jobs. Boy, that will cut into the 10.2 percent of American unemployed.

Maybe we can add a few words to the plaque at the Statue of Liberty. You know--"We welcome your poor, huddled, and tired masses....YOUR TERRORISTS and AMERICA HATERS... and so forth.....

The left-wing anti-Bush brigades, who have for eight years obstructed the Bush administration's plans to try KSM and others by military tribunals, miss the point entirely. Even worse, they're working hard to make you miss the point. The Obamanite lefty-lefties blink the line that goes something like how it's impossible to "escape from Super-Max." Of course you might not escape, but you can communicate and do a lot of harm inside. Super-Max inmates can reach out to other prisoners, pass information along through lawyers and visitors, and perhaps even continue to expand, operate and manage organizations.

This news, released just days after Eric Holder's (and Obama's) decision to try Guantanamo prisoners in New York, is probably designed to redirect some of the media focus from other decisions. Call your congressional rep--let them know what you think of a Midwest Gitmo and constitutional rights for Islamic militants who target civilian populations.

Obama Asks for Delay in Congressional Hearings on Fort Hood

President Obama cautions against "political theatre" in asking for a delay of Congressional hearings on the Fort Hood Massacre by Soldier of Allah Hasan. But wasn't the Obama administration handling of the murder and mayhem at Fort Hood the very sort of political theatre Obama cautions against? Against what everyone knew immediately due to Hasan's shouted "Allah Akhbar!" as he pumped bullets into unarmed troops at Fort Hood, the Obama administration warned against jumping to the correct conclusion. Instead, he wanted everyone to jump to the P C conclusion--the wrong one as it turns out.

I can sort of see the reason for Obama's request for a delay. The Army CID needs a little breathing space to get its act together. But Obama has done little to establish credibility with those who question his bona fides with regard to a number of pressing issues.

His dithering on Afghanistan, even after being president for ten months and being thoroughly briefed by the Bush administration, is cynical and dangerous. While Obama dithers, the troops are suffering for lack of support, and the Taliban surges. It seems as if Obama's intent is to let the situation deteriorate to the point where he can sound a retreat.

Obama/Holder's decision to try the Gitmo prisoners in downtown Manhattan is a move both political and dangerous.

Obama's message on foreign policy in general has been amateurish if not destructive. Congress should go ahead with its hearings, as the Obama team routinely suppresses information it doesn't want Americans to know. Congressman Pete Hoekstra and Senator Joe Lieberman recognized the lack of "transparency" for what it is--an attempt to hide from America what it needs to know as it elects its leaders.

If Congress delays its own investigations as a courtesy (even when it receives no courtesy in return), that's one thing. But delaying full investigations into the Hasan affair runs counter to American security interests. It's likely that this president will not become enlightened without more terror attacks, which he seems to be invited by treating terrorist matters as criminal matters.

Not me. I recognize that Nidal Hasan is not at all like the terrific Muslim lady who works so hard and conscientiously for her family at the local Walmart. But these others? They need congress to shine a light on them since only darkness is coming from this administration.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Iran Makes Gift of Weapons to Its Hizbollah Friends

I wonder if the Obama administration is still reaching out to Iran. Gullibility knows no bounds, but at some point it begins to resemble complicity. So the Iranians, who are hiding their nuclear secrets, are continuing their secret war against the Jews of Israel. The latest Iranian shipment of weapons includes Katyusha rockets and land mines, the weapons of choice for the cowardly Hizbolloah, which were intercepted last week by an Israeli boarding party.

What you get mostly from the Iranian "leadership" is lies and denials (as in "we have no undisclosed nuclear intentions facilities.") Or like that young woman shot down in the streets of Tehran by Iranian Secret Agent thugs--Ned Agha Sultan. Yesterday, the word came (as quoted in the Wall Street Journal) that Ahmadinajad's goon squad was still "investigating" the murder . Expect a long, never-ending investigation. Expect the Iranian thugs to be innocent of all accusations.

And now another 500 tons of land mines and rockets delivered by boat through Syria and Egypt so that noble neo-nazi religious Hizbollah can attack Jews in Northern Israel.

Here's the news flash to Obama administration:

"On Wednesday, the military released what it said was a manifest stating that the ship originated in Isfahan, Iran. Another document showed contents that were allegedly handled by "Islamic Republic of Iran's Shipping Lines."

Israel also released what it said was a customs form stamped by the Iranian armed forces

Both Hizbollah and the Iranian leadership say the weapons shipments did not originate in Iran. Gee, the Mossad must have planted them. With the approval of the U.S. of course.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Iran: Please Return Our Stupid Student Spies

While President Obama awaits a coombaye moment after reaching out to Iran, the Ayatollahs and Iran's president Mock-Mood Jeremiah-jad are hanging on to a trio of clueless school kids who strayed across the borders. Imprisoned for several months, the kids are being held hostage in an Iranian Uranium Enrichment extortion plot. The leading Paranoid State in the region has moved back to its 7th century roots and insists that the "spies" will be punished.

It's true America's desperate but not so desperate as to hire these pups to glean information that is already widely known. Iranian Islam wants the bomb, probably has the bomb, probably intends to use it to intimidate or incinerate its neighbors.

The Iranian regime is a joke. Unfortunately, the joke doesn't extend to dissenters like young Nida, shot down by Iranian Secret Police thugs during a demonstration. If the Paranoid State of Iran ever let go of its oppressed people for one moment, Mock-Mood would no doubt get strung up by his heels in some public square a la Mussolini.

The sooner the better, but with Obama it will probably be later, after he's out of office. Obama's in a perpetual state of "Waiting for Godot." Somebody ought to clue him in; we're not buying it.

Anita Dunn Checking Out Early from Hotel Obama

Buh-bye, Anita. It was swell hearing that your admiration of Chairman Mao was not exceeded by your admiration for Mother Theresa. We do regret you are so soon leaving the White House as President Obama's communications director. The reason given on CNN is that you are leaving to make more money outside of government than you could by working inside the government. Gee, what about public service? And you only took the job in March! Here it is November already. Seven months have gone by and America is so much better for your service. What did you hope to accomplish in the first place?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Major Nidal Malik Hasan: the Hater as Victim - Associated Content -

Major Nidal Malik Hasan: the Hater as Victim - Associated Content - Click the headline to read the full story.

President Tunes in to Holy Quran

President Obama reaches so far out to Muslims that he's fallen over.... Meanwhile, the answer to him in the Muslim world, except for approving his weak-kneed concessions, has been a resounding "NO."

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Massacre at U.S. Army Base, Fort Hood, Texas - Associated Content -

Massacre at U.S. Army Base, Fort Hood, Texas - Associated Content - associatedcontent.comA turncoat Muslim Army Major who voiced repeated opposition to U.S. war policy killed 12 soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas and wounded many others. Will political correctness prevail or will Americans be told the truth about the murders of its best and brightest?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chris Christie Wins Traditional Blue State New Jersey - Associated Content -

Chris Christie Wins Traditional Blue State New Jersey - Associated Content - associatedcontent.comAccording to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, President Obama was not watching television when Republicans swept two major gubernatorial races. Apparently, his campaign aides were watching however and they quickly dispatched their guy Obama to yet another hurried speech and photo opportunity, this one on Education...with a capital "E." I couldn't figure out any purpose for it except to give the press something else to write about besides the resounding Democrat defeats in Virginia and Blue State New Jersey. Click the headlines for more denial from the White House...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chris Christie Vs. “Skinny” Corzine & Goldman Sachs

I live in Pennsylvania, one of New Jersey’s neighboring states. With five visits by President Obama to support Corzine’s campaign, would you think the White House was worried about losing ground in the Garden State? New Jersey’s been trued, blued, and tattooed by the Democratic Party for a long time. Taxes are strangling the state, white-collar crime is rampant, and state government is a shambles.

I don’t know how anyone could have voted for Corzine in the first place, but let’s just say they were as deluded by him as they were by Obama. But now the cat’s out of the bag. Corzine’s a loser and he has the Obama taint. It’s all about campaign funds, folks. Corzine’s bought the governorship and it’s time for the next installment. Obama needs the New Jersey juice and comes to mark his territory by peeing on the sidewalk.

The cute Corzine campaign tried to slime opponent Christie by showing this lame campaign ad pointing to Christie’s heft. Yeah, like who’s perfect? Corzine? Just because he does a little geriatric jogging for photo opportunities doesn’t mean he’s fit to run the state.

If I lived in New Jersey, I’d kick Corzine to the curb and vote for Fatty.

Obama's Dithering Dims Americans' View on Afghanistan and the War on Terror - Peter Roff (

Obama's Dithering Dims Americans' View on Afghanistan and the War on Terror - Peter Roff ( Mehsud was killed by a U.S. rocket attack on August. 7. Paybacks are a be-ach.. THere's no point in Obama's dithering unless it's to develop political cover for some half-measure. McChrystal is his guy. If he's not to trust in the judgement of the general he appointed, then who's Obama listening to? Carl Levin? Rahm Emmanuel? Yeah, well those dudes studied lots of wars, I'm sure, on the pages of the New York Times. This delay on Obama's part is a sick joke. What's Obama going to learn that he hasn't been briefed on already? That Karzai bit was a stall, and now the stall has evaporated. What a limelight seeking, political, dithering mess the stressed troops in the field have inherited in this president! t's this article about?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Gunman Fires On CNN's Lou Dobbs

Is Janet Napolitano worried? Homeland Security's Secretary made big noises about former military troops being body-snatched by "right-wing" militias, but we haven't heard a peep from her from loonies on left who try to suppress Lou Dobbs 1st Amendment rights by gunfire. Didn't they just pass a new "hate crime" rider in the defense bill? Well, ain't this a hate crime?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Karzai Challenger Calls for 'Dramatic Increase' in Troops in Afghanistan - Political News -

Karzai Challenger Calls for 'Dramatic Increase' in Troops in Afghanistan - Political News - FOXNews.comThe Obama administration should be careful what it's wishing for if it's looking for political cover to wave the white flag in Afghanistan. Administration delay (or dithering) on troop action while calling for new elections in Afghanistan has made Obama look weak and indecisive. Futher, one of the leading challengers to President Karzai is warning of disaster if the new troops are not provided.

Friday, October 23, 2009

President Obama Gets Serious About War Policy, Page 3 of 3 - Associated Content -

President Obama Gets Serious About War Policy, Page 3 of 3 - Associated Content - associatedcontent.comOkay, promised but not delivered.... I'm getting just as bad as the President. Here it is..the next installment of White House Follies. A screenplay of current events in the Obama White House.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don Imus on Nappy-Headed Fox Business Network - Associated Content -

Don Imus on Nappy-Headed Fox Business Network - Associated Content - associatedcontent.comSpeaks for, click.

Kill Bin Laden - -

Kill Bin Laden - Tora Bora revisited by a Delta Force operative--in book form.

Hurry Up and Wait : The Swine Flu Epidemic That Wasn't

Or maybe it will be, yet. I can't recall an era when people were warned off so urgently on the seasonal flu. Thunderous anti-epidemic roars came out of the White House and were transmitted everywhere. Take this one seriously, folks. We're going to save you in this unprecedented era of ObamaCare.

Big problem, though. No vaccine. Lots of schools and institutions gave their staff members dates for the vaccinations, only to cancel at the last minute. A teacher I know heard it over the loudspeaker. Flu vaccinations cancelled until further notice.

The weirdest thing is that DHHS Secretary Sibelius is telling everyone a fairy story about how the companies making the vaccines missed their promised target dates. Three of those companies told CNN they made their target dates, that it was no problem. But thre was a problem in distribution because, unlike other years, this year the government stepped in to help. That's right. The federal government is handling the distribution. And no vaccine. And the waiting. The waiting. And no vaccine. It's rather fortunate the government was exaggerating the threat in the first place. If the flu were as bad as the scare tactics used, or if there were some other kind of major health event(think anthrax), we'd be in deep shit. We're in deep shit anyway with this crew....

New York Times Retraction of Sienna Miller Affairs

The trouble with bottom feeding and the New York Times is that the water can be very muddy. You can't sling mud without getting your face dirty. It's okay to get into celebrity news but papers like the NYT shouldn't hang around under the bedsheets. Celebrities have civil and individual rights--meaning an expectation of reasonable privacy, even in their sex lives. Otherwise you have to print retractions like this one:

Correction: October 17, 2009
An article on Page 4 this weekend about Sienna Miller misstates the nature of the relationships that she had with Heath Ledger and Sean Combs. She was friends with both of them; she did not have romantic flings with either of them.

War Front: Obama Team Launches Against Fox News

Wow, can this administration fight? Or what? President Obama's Revolutionary Guard, led by Messrs. Axelrod, Rahm Emmanuel, and Anita Dunn have pounded Fox News with all the latest Twinkie Artillery in their arsenal. Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod have even discontinued their sophmoric and perennial game of giving each other wedgies to fire fiery verbal fusillades at Chris Wallace, Major Garett, and Carl Cameron.

President Obama has set up another Czar to head the anti Fox News operation--this one is called the "What is News" or "What is a Legitimate News Organization All About?"

Still, there are those even in the most favored media who think Obama's plan of attack on Fox News is firing blanks. Worthy Progressive and former Clinton operative decried the White House attacks on Fox News reporters as petty and infantile when he appeared on the Imus in the Morning program.

Joe Scarborough of MSNBC's Morning Joe program also thought the White House attacks on Fox News was idiotic and dull-witted. It's hard to find anyone, even in the liberal press, who regards the Obama Fox News attack strategy as a viable attack plan.

Nonetheless, the Obama attack plans against Fox have picked up steam among supporters like Al Frankel, Al Gore, and other people named "Al." Liberal bloggers on the Daily Beast and the Daily Kos have taken up the White House cause and promised another staunch defense of the White House strategy.

Will the White House eventually accept that Fox News is real and does, in fact, exist and has an effective and highly professional journalistic team? Not likely. The White House feels it is within their "mandate" to determine what is a legitimate news organization and what is not. Moreover, there's some confusion in the White House communications office between what is editorial opinion and what is news.

You can't blame them--they're new. It's the "mess we inherited" that's at the bottom of their confusion. "Bush-whacked again," they cry.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

President Obama Has Time to Dance At Fiesta Latina

I don't mind seeing a president dance with a Latin hottie but I wish President Obama would have waited until he was out of office. The occasion was yesterday Oct 13, 2009 at the Fiesta Latina, and wife Michelle clearly didn't think it appropriate, especically when the loose-limbed prez fell into a little grind and bump routine with Thalia. There was no global warming on wife Michelle Obama's face as it froze into a statuesque and unyield pose as the president took a seat beside her.

The President's sign language was obvious as he fanned his cheek as if the Latina babe singer/dancer Thalia was too hot to touch. Obama looked strained as he tried to smile it all away like an embarrassed school-boy when he returned to Michelle.

I'm glad that Obama is so much more lithe on his feet than George Bush who looked robotic and boxy when he tried it for about half a second during his presidency. But I'll appreciate Obama's dancing more when he stops dancing around General McChrystal's request for more troops.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Terrorism For Dummies: Free Advice for Al Qaeda

If you're planning any terrorist attacks, we would strongly advise you wait until President Obama and the Democrats lift certain provisions in the Patriot Act which will soon expire. You can spend the waiting time collecting additional telephone numbers, because you'll be safe with new numbers after the Democrats go into inaction. After the Obama team rescinds ROVING WIRETAPS which discriminate against hard working terrorists, all you'll have to do to escape detection is use one of your other phone numbers.

Secondly, you are advised to stop registering your organizations under the Foreign Agent Registration Act. We know it is your habit to report to the authorities when you begin operating in the U.S.--by registering under this Act. Keep in mind you can't be required to register unless you are already proven guilty of terrorist activity. Obviously, you can't be proved a terrorist, even if you are one, without registering under this Act. (Note: similar registration requirements which would apply to drug smugglers and dealers are being considered).

Look at your guy, Zazi, who was just arrested for planning an attack on New York City to coincide with 9-11. Had he read our book "Terrorism for Dummies" he would have taken our advice and waited.

An added benefit of waiting is so that Al Qaeda headquarters has an opportunity to regroup after those murderous assaults by American troops in Afghanistan. Al Qaeda headquarters in Afghanistan will support your endeavors, once the Democratic party politicians in Washington have launched their offensive on behalf of World Wide Terrorism, also known as the "overseas contingency operation."

Smart ForTwo Makes a Top 10 List

But that's not always good. If there's someone on your gift list you don't like, buy one of these overpriced death-traps. The car was first in the top ten of Yahoo's Ten Worst Cars ever. It gets 41 mpg, the same mileage you can get from the Ford Fusion hybrid, an attractive mid-sized sedan with decent performance and plenty of features. What? You like the feeling of being crushed under a semi? If that's not enough to worry you, keep in mind that the top-heavy Tinker-Toy comes in a convertible version, perfect for those who love the thrills of roll-over accidents.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Susan Rice Stonewalls Host David Gregory on Today's "Meet the Press", Page 3 of 3 - Associated Content -

Susan Rice Stonewalls Host David Gregory on Today's "Meet the Press", Page 3 of 3 - Associated Content - associatedcontent.comAmerica's in trouble plenty with this crew in government. Susan Rice has it all backwards--she's supposed to be the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, not the United Nations Ambassador to the U.S...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sell the Dollar: Terror in the Supermarket - Associated Content -

Sell the Dollar: Terror in the Supermarket - Associated Content -

Sell the Dollar

So you have all these people in government diddling the damaged economy and poor helpless suckers like myself have no choice but to go along. Well, yeah I'm plenty mad and I'm shouting it from the rooftops but we are essentially powerless.

I go to the grocery store to shop once in a while. I like grocery shopping but my wife doesn't often let me do it. I like grocery shopping because it keeps me grounded. I used to work in a grocery store while I was in college and I find it a much better barometer of the economy than the price of gold, the S&P, the CPI or the other econ indicators.

Food prices are high; there's no doubt about it. To spend more than a $1.00 for one little can of flat achovies is proof enough. A can of soup costs 2 bucks. Bread is high. Milk is not so bad--dairy farmers are complaining of the low prices they're getting for milk these days. You get a lot of milk for your 3 dollars. But bread!...hell... 3 bucks for a loaf of bread? You need a lot of bread if you have a family. Cheese? That's for rich people unless you can make your own. I splurged (my wife likes it) to buy a little flat of "Brie" (merci beaucoup, Francaises) and goodbye 6 bucks. Okay, you're bored, I won't go on.

What I'm getting at is that these people in government are diddling with the dollar and the dollar's not worth much and they know it. Printing money and then throwing it around means it loses value and that you'll have to eat all your "Brie" in the U.S. because you can't afford to eat it in France. The cheap dollar benefits U.S. exports even while it makes life hard for ordinary Americans. Exports means jobs in U.S. factories, a thing that is partly true so long as the manufacturing is done in the the Unions wish. That would seem to be a good thing except that the Unions are the greatest beneficiaries of the auto bailouts, getting billions of our money taken from us and handed to a privileged groups of auto workers who have higher wages than most of us and can afford the high prices in grocery stores caused by the cheap dollars.

The cheap dollar is getting cheaper as more phony stimulus money is pumped into the economy. The "recovery" will be a long time getting down to the rest of us but the cheap dollar will help the politicians to keep their jobs, they hope. Eventually, they'll have to do something about it because there is a breaking point. The breaking point is now. Things are really awful in the supermarket.

Obama Shows Signs of Waking Up to Iran Nuclear Intentions

President Obama's statements were not as clear as Israeli PM Netanyahu's statements yesterday with regard to Iran's intentions, but it was something. After months of placating Ahmadinajad in a series of soft, muted statements, Obama took the occasion of the G-20 meetings to make a strong statement about a new secret Iranian nuclear processing plant.

I think President Obama is serious, but it's likely the Iranians don't. AFter all, they were receiving quite a different message for too long. Bibi's statements yesterday at the U.N may have lit a fire under some highly positioned U.S. butts, and it is hoped that the hemmorhoids Netanyahu created in his powerful and lucid speech will continue to keep the American conscience awake.

By The Way.... Did Iran Forget to Mention a Uranium Plant?

Ooooops....So Ahmadinajad forgot to mention they were bringing another secret nuclear plant on line when he spoke before the United Nutcase Security Council. The Iranian president was too busy foaming at the mouth and denying the murder of six million Jews, apparently.

Meanwhile, the terror plot in New York involves a Queens Imam who did double duty as a police informant but was more loyal to Al Qaeda than to innocent Americans he intended to kill while riding public transit or attending public events. The Imam tips off his terror correspondent in Colorado,a guy named Zazi, who has a thing for beauty parlors. So glad that the loonie left hasn't yet managed to stop necessary communications surveillance, which picked off the plot. It's funny--some of them are the very nutjobs who daily ride the NYC transit systems day and would have been the first targets. I wonder who the people are who went with Zazi to Pakistan for explosives and terror training?

Speaking of nutcases, there is Michael Finton, the chump who believed he was triggering a bomb at an Illinois federal building but he was really triggering handcuffs for himself. Sick, effed up, and twisted American with grandiose megalo notions of mass murder.

On the Apologia Front, we have Geraldo Rivera on Fox News telling us that he loves it that Obama is reaching out to the Ahmadinajads, the Chavez'. I rather like Rivera as a human but, as a political analyst, he seems never to have gone beyond looking for Al Capone's bones in the basement of a Chicago whorehouse many years ago.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Netanyahu on Obama and Abbas

embed type='application/x-shockwave-flash' src='' id='mediumFlashEmbedded' pluginspage='' bgcolor='#000000' allowScriptAccess='always' allowFullScreen='true' quality='high' name='undefined' play='false' scale='noscale' menu='false' salign='LT' scriptAccess='always' wmode='false' height='275' width='305' flashvars='playerId=011008&playerTemplateId=fncLargePlayer&categoryTitle=&referralObject=9917168&referralPlaylistId=playlist' />

Corruption You Can Believe In

Even for liberal Democrats, George Bush has to be looking better in retrospect than they would admit when he was in office. If the ACORN scandals aren't enough, there's the matter of Charlie Rangel, under investigation for his secret rent-controlled aparments in New York. How does Rangel get rent-controlled apartments anyway? Weren't they originally intended to help "the poor?" Rangel is helping himself to the poorbox, evading taxes on other property he owns and making taxpayers pay for his campaign efforts.

Pennsylvania has more than it's share of rot, too, with Senator Bob Casey voting to continue supporting ACORN, in spite of its ill use of HUD funds. In western Pa, blowhard John Murtha is happy with his own private airport in Johnstown, bought with your money, of course. Three practically empty flights a day, all to D.C. and all subsidized by you!

Speaker of the House Pelosi is setting a fine smokescreen in trying to call attention to the CIA instead of political rot and corruption. No matter that 7 former CIA Directors have written a letter and told Obama to lay off the people who just foiled a New York Subway system attack.

I expect soon to hear Pelosi to appear at a ceremoney dedicating a statue or a street to convicted felon William Jefferson, you know, the guy who had 90K of cash dollars stuffed in his freezer. That's classic "reform", according to last year's campaign rhetoric.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Obama Disses David Letterman

That Big Wind you heard the other night was David Letterman's deflated ego when President Obama congratulated him on winning an Emmy. The problem was that Letterman didn't win an emmy; the award went to much more talented Jon Stewart. Letterman's wedgie humor has its anal-rententive fans but we're all not inclined to sit around in circle jerk formation to stare at out navel.

Obama obviously felt that Letterman was too unimportant for him to read, even in a prepared brief. Poor Letterman, all that persnickety sucking up gone to waste.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

NRA Exposes America's Mayors in Anti-Gun Lobby Effort, Page 3 of 3 - Associated Content -

NRA Exposes America's Mayors in Anti-Gun Lobby Effort, Page 3 of 3 - Associated Content - associatedcontent.comWant to know if your city or town Mayor joined Michael Bloomberg's anti- 2nd Amendment Campaign? The answers right here. Just click on it to find out if your mayor is on the NRA list. Meanwhile, I urge residents of Stroudsburg, Easton, Allentown, and Bethlehem Pennsylvanai to write their mayors and urge them to drop out of this unfair impingement on the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

8.5 Billion of Obama Stimulus Plan Goes to ACORN

The gravy train is about to run off the track along with the Obama stimulus budget. It doesn't do much for the credibility of a president who began his administration in the shadows of Rezko to put this "neighborhood" pork into the stimulus bill. However, there's much in the Obama stimulus which doesn't have any benefit to the real economy and is tantamount to throwing taxpayer money out the window.

Obama is rapidly losing credibility with the public and the wild expenditures and lack of fiscal control of his administration is why even good health care reform ideas are being tossed aside. Fewer people trust the president than ever before, and Mr. Obama hurts his own case by engaging in continuous back-story activity such as handouts to ACORN, Big Labor, and to lobbyists in the Health Care establishment who hope to get a leg up in catching the brass ring of government-taxpayer largesse.

The problem with the Obama administration is not so much what the president says; it's more about what he doesn't tell you. Americans feel that so much of what President Obama tells them simply doesn't add up. It was not smart to begin a "health care reform" speech with mention of the "mess I inherited" because this only reminded people of the deep trough of debt in which he has mired the government. It was not smart to compare expenditures in Iraq with expenditures for government health care expansion, not while he needs American support for the war in Afghanistan.

It's all very disappointing that the President is the victim of the men and women who surround and advise him. Instead of pulling him to the center, as some in his party have tried to do, people like Axelrod, Jarett, Sunstein, Burton, Pelosi, Van Jones and others have encouraged him to indulge his own left-liberal inclinations.

ACORN Baltimore Prostitution Investigation Part I

Support Your Local Pimp - Contact Baltimore Acorn Office for Details...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Barack Obama in Greenwood, SC

Another iteration of the same speech he gave to a Labor audience in Cincinnati...

South Carolina Intro

Barack Obama today told a Cincinnati Big Labor audience that there were about 20 people in his audience when he first visited Greenwood, S.C. He said the weather was bad. In this video, it looks like a few more than 20 people and he tells the audience that the weather is good. To this president, Truth is elastic, and can be stretched to suit political purposes.

Ahmadinejad: Iran 'Will Never Negotiate' Over Nuclear 'Rights' - Iran | Map | News -

Ahmadinejad: Iran 'Will Never Negotiate' Over Nuclear 'Rights' - Iran | Map | News - FOXNews.comAhmadinejad continues to thumb his nose at Hilary and Barack. Aopparently, the Iranian fascist believes that a nuclear bomb (which it can use to destroy the Infidel Nation)is a right guaranteed by Allah.

Meanwhile, Allah is said to be working on new U.N sanctions, along with Barack and Hilary.

Ahmadinajad believes that Allah is making a big mistake to think that Iran will quit its efforts at making a bomb.

"Sanctions?" cries Ahmadinajad. "I'm supposed to fear sanctions?"

Van Jones "Resigns"

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Van Jones resignsResigned, did you say?

I guess you might think there were a series of oblique telephone, personal visit or text message references from the Obama White House which led to Van Jones being fired. Of course, the President would be insulated by layers and layers of proxies, and so don't expect even a wink or a wiff of smoke from Barack. Now or ever. The topic is toxic and people are already looking at other "Truthers" in the Obama White House.

The worst thing about this administration is how it has renamed everything and thereby provided cover for its robotic ideologues who are imprinted with conventional socialist ideology.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Did Obama Administration Wink at Megrahi Release? - Associated Content

Did Obama Administration Wink at Megrahi Release? - Associated Content

Swine Flu Spam Campaign: Coming to you Right Now in Your Town

Beware the Swine Flu Ad and Spam Campaign, coming to you from every direction in your town. Launched by the Obama administration, the massive Swine Flue Ad Campaign promises to be worse than contracting the Swine Flu illness, worse even than college students and other innocents being blown up in mid-air over Lockerbie, Scotland just a few days before Christmas.

Yesterday, President Obama stood beside DHHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano, to reassure a trembling America that Vigilance was the Watchword at Mission Control in Washington D.C.. Rest easy, America, and forget about Iran, Global Terrorism, the March to Socialism, Cap and Tax, and sundry other phony issues conjured up by the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. Instead, enjoy being awash in an avalanche of Swine Flu Spam. Yes, people can die from Swine Flu, but they can also die from standard flu, and they can die from a myriad of other things, too, including crashing the Smart Four-Twos which have received 5-star crash test ratings from Your Government.

Millions of people have already been saved by the Dynamic Trio, and that’s only because Your Government is ready to deal with this hyperbole. Watch Your Government stop Swine Flu dead in its tracks. It may be the most important thing you do for what little remains of your life if you do not pass Health Care Reform and are not Saved by Sebelius, Nurtured by Napolitano, and Obligated by Obama.

Monday, August 31, 2009

'Blue Dog' Democrat: Pelosi Is Too Divisive to Be Speaker - Washington Whispers (

'Blue Dog' Democrat: Pelosi Is Too Divisive to Be Speaker - Washington Whispers (

Obama : We Bear No Responsibility

The mess I inherited…. The mess I inherited…. The mess I inherited…. The mess I inherited…. The mess I inherited…. The mess I inherited…. The mess I inherited….

The mess I inherited….

Cons cash in on stimulus money -

Cons cash in on stimulus money - BostonHerald.comSo the way a Government Public Option Health Care System would be run is like this....

Obama - Holder Strictly Political, Says Cheney

You can't argue with Cheney--Obama and Holder are playing politics. Dick Cheney's popularity keeps rising while Barack Obama's continues to drop. The Obama Drop in popularity has set speed records for new presidents as Americans realize (in Obama's own words) that "you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig."

So with the pig-in-a-poke health care bill still shape-shifting, Obama needed to find a way to garner support. Unfortunately, President Obama is reaching out to America's enemies, whether intended or not, and I could not honestly say I' m sure it is the latter.

Enter Eric Holder, left-wing Attorney General, who has embarked on a Crusade against the CIA, much to the chagrin of CIA Chief Panetta. I was wrong about Panetta, accusing him of marching in lockstep with the Obama plan. But reports say that Leon Panetta has ripped into Obama administration officials with a fury and a vengeance that can only come from a man betrayed by his leadership. Another prominent Democrat, Dianne Feinstein of California, has also come out in strong opposition to the president's plans to put the CIA in the docket. Obama's pretending that it is entirely Holder's choice to prosecute against the CIA, but that is a complete crock, rather like the crock that would have you believe the Obama administration knew nothing beforehand about the release of the Lockerbie Bomber after only 7 years in a cushy Scottish jail.

We all know that the Obama administration has rolled out the red carpet to disaster in this (fill in the blank) ________________ (reversal, lie, deception, failure of heart, response to lunatic fringe....

American military personnel have been subjected to far harsher treatment during their training than the mass casualty murderers committed to a global terror campaign. It's no coincidence that few top Obama officials (with some exceptions) have ever served anyone but themselves, let alone in military service.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Phillip Garrido Arrested for Jaycee Dugard Kidnapping - Associated Content

Phillip Garrido Arrested for Jaycee Dugard Kidnapping - Associated Content

Police Missed Opportunity to Find Girl in 2006

Question: The "caller" said that Dirrigo was "psychotic and had a sexual addiction." Did the caller also say "sexual offender"? Did anyone ask in what sense the caller said Dirrigo had a sexual addiction? Did the Sheriff's office notify the codes officer? Did the codes officer document any such reports. Damn right, the questions should not have stopped there.

Proof of Free Speech Repression: ABC, NBC Won't Air Ad Critical of Obama's Health Care Plan - Political News -

ABC, NBC Won't Air Ad Critical of Obama's Health Care Plan - Political News - FOXNews.comIt's no longer surprising to hear that ABC and NBC are employed by the Obama administration. We knew it all along. Watch the video. Call your congressman to complain. Don't advertise on ABC or NBC. Fight the fascist control of the media.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

How to get Kennedy-esque health care on your budget -

How to get Kennedy-esque health care on your budget - CNN.comWhat fools believe! Sure, I'd like to have KennedyCare of the type described in this article about Ted Kennedy's children. I'm very happy that Kara and Ted Jr. received such magnificent treatment but HTF does CNN get off writing an article of this type. It deserves a great belly laugh.

I'm summoning doctors to my house today--just so I can consult with them about Kennedy-Care.

Let's Not Forget Afghanistan

During the campaign, President Obama tried to combine his criticisms of Bush war policy with emphasis on Afghanistan. That's where he was going to catch Bin Laden, remember? Most Americans recognized then and now that Obama can't tell the difference between a .223 and a JDAM, and having "catching Obama" as your number one war objective only works as a Hollywood script. There's some chance that Bush killed Bin Laden many moons ago or at least made him very sick, so President Obama should wean himself from his Jon Lovett dreams and exaggerations and get real about fighting the war in Afghanistan.

Ironic that Obama's strongest support in the Afghan war effort are Republicans, but most want him to stop posing and get on with the business. The president did approve more troops for that effort but it is a open question as to whether the President did that as a political tactic or a war tactic.

We can't let the Taliban open up a Homeland For Terror, and more troops would help. We hope the commanders aren't afraid to ask for them, due to political considerations. The Taliban owns about 1/3 of the country and helps its financing efforts by poisoning the world with cheap heroin. Of course, American and European drug users are "helping" in this great Taliban push but what do they care?

Predictable Democrats Waste No Time Co-opting Kennedy Name

I guess the headline says it all. With Ted Kennedy's body still warm, a Democratic congressman has proposed that the House and Senate change the name of Obama-Care to Kennedy-Care. Is there any shame in politics?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pajamas Media » Palin Flummoxes the Elites with Common Sense

Pajamas Media » Palin Flummoxes the Elites with Common SenseEArly on I wasn't thrilled by Sarah Palin's appearance on the scene. But when I saw that she was a woman capable of killing her own meat, it kind of touched me. Tired of so much phoney-baloney, particularly in the present White House, I began to see how awfully she'd been treated by the Lilliputians in the media. Weak, inconsequential dwarfs like Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann were livid as Palin kicked ass in high heels, and that had great appeal for me. So I think the woman must have been too surprised when John McCain tapped her for the vice-presidency (and so was I, to tell the truth), but now she has found her metier, and it's likely she will continue to surprise.

Hey, if all the King's horses and all the King's men can't cut bait even with the help of the MSM, and the people in Town Halls are still shouting about Palin's accusations of "death panels," then it's clear that the Barracuda has put some blood in the water and it ain't her own.

U.S. Auto Bailout Causes New Problem for Obama Administration - Associated Content

U.S. Auto Bailout Causes New Problem for Obama Administration - Associated ContentLink up..

Political and Social News, Views, and Clues: ObamaNuts Target CIA

Political and Social News, Views, and Clues: ObamaNuts Target CIA

ObamaNuts Target CIA

Wall Street Journal reporter Bret Stephens begins his Tuesday August 25, 2009 article with a quote from Barack Obama, in a talk he gave at CIA headquarters in April of 2009:

There is nothing more important than protecting the identities of CIA officers. So I need everybody to be clear: We will protect your identities and your security as you vigorously pursue your missions.”

Not. At least not since the Valerie Plame incident had liberal panties in a bunch. Now the CIA has a target on its back, a target put there by mustachioed Eric Holder. Not surprisingly, we didn’t hear a peep out of the Obamanuts when the New York Times released the name of a CIA agent who had interrogated Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

And just last Friday, according to Bret Stephens, “the Washington Post reported that the Justice Department is looking into allegations that military defense attorneys for top al Qaeda detainees had shown their clients photgrpaphs of CIA officers and contractors.”

Some of the pictures were taken surreptitiously right outside the CIA officers’ homes, according to the Post story. We’re really in la-la land now, as the ACLU photo expedition is called the “John Adams Project.” Quelle patriotique!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cindy Sheehan Rocks the Anti-War Movement in Hyannis

The schools of fish move this way and then they turn that way. The current flows and ebbs. Cindy Sheehan is on her way up to Hyannis Port in an attempt to ambush the vacationing president, but you won’t hear of it. Cindy Sheehan, attention whore, is an anachronism because there is no anti-war movement now that the Messiah has come. Her recent anti-war appearance in Dallas drew a huge crowd of 50 people. She’s now a plague, a virus, a wasted, hollow shell, no more a useful icon for the hysterical and hand-wringing left.

Nothing has changed except that things are worse, much worse. Obama has his own plans for ending the war—he intends to lose it. He intends to waste whatever gains have been made in Iraq and is right now thinking of a great sentient self-pitying way to abandon and lose Afghanistan.

Foremost, he has given the stamp of approval for mustachioed Eric Holder to put the CIA operatives on a rack and stretch them for partisan political reasons. That’s what it’s come to. A lot of noise hiding a great silence and lots of rats scurrying in the woodwork.

Obama - Holder: A Recipe for Humiliation and Failure

The “forward looking” Obama administration now wants to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the CIA interrogations of terror prisoners. This has to be the first time the U.S. Justice Department has been contracted out to do the work of Al Qaeda terror propagandists but the administration reasons that this job program for disadvantaged lawyers will be the key to economic recovery. For the lawyer class, of course.

This is not to say that President Obama and Eric Holder do not have an exalted purpose in calling CIA agents onto the carpet and damaging their reputations, hurting their families, and permanently muddying national security objectives. For the Obama-Nationals, publicizing the CIA interrogations is merely the culmination of long months of political strategy beginning with Obama’s condemnations of the Iraq war as a Junior Senator and carrying over to his catch and release program for Guantanamo prisoners, and the extension of writs of habeas corpus to people who want to kill me. Kill you too, maybe. There is no doubt that this is Eric Holder’s “finest hour.”

Don’t ask the Obama administration to explain why they’re doing this, however. You’re likely to be facing blank stares. And don’t expect to hear the entire story of the interrogations. You will be spoon-fed bit by bit only the information al Megrahi, Nashiri, and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed want you to hear. A gunshot went off in the room next door. A man carried an electric drill into the room and a terrorist spilled his guts. Anyone who knows anything about America would know right away that they weren’t going to be drilled or executed. But these terrorist creeps, so hate-filled and psychotic, didn’t know that because they often did such things themselves. Didn’t Khalid Sheikh Mohammad boast that he’d sawed the head off of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl himself, and distributed the video widely on the internet?

Meanwhile, the Obama offensive against our troops and intelligence service continues as they huddle together to figure out how to lose Iraq and Afghanistan. More Gitmo killers are released by Obama and return to the battlefield to kill more American troops. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs says that Afghanistan is deteriorating while Obama fiddles. General McChrystal needs more troops in Afghanistan and Obama goes off to Hyannis Port. Obama’s grand anti-war plan for Iraq seems to be a matter of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The situation is dire.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Eric Holder Drops Voter Intimidation Case against New Black Panther Party

I watched a lot of the election coverage in Pennsylvania since that's where I currently live. Naturally, when members of the New Black Panther Party turned up on the steps at Philadelphia voting locations, it attracted quite a bit of attention, no matter what efforts the liberal media employed to ignore the issue. The three men charged harangued and intimidated voters and especially challenged John McCain supporters with some truly ugly racial epithets. One of the higher profile people who observed and complained of this intimidation was a left-liberal writer for the Village Voice. The U.S. Civil Rights Commission also took notice and threatens to pick up the pieces now that ERIC HOLDER, Attorney General of the U.S. is intent on making the charges go away.

Even worse, one of the men charged with interfering with the vote was an election monitor. This was not an isolated incident, nor was Pennsylvania the only state where voters were kept from the polls by intimidation. The Obama campaign knew full well that their supporters in the caucus states were putting untoward physical and psychological pressures on voters who showed up for the caucuses. Indeed, many did not show up precisely for this reason. Apparently, Obama and his team feel that a bit of intimidation is a sort of payback for years of discrimination in the pre- Civil Rights Act years.

There will be another election in 3 1/2 years and these same forces of voter intimidation will now be emboldened. Perhaps they will have an even greater sense of entitlement. If Eric Holder wants to convince people that the Obama administration represents the interest of all the people, he should shave off his little Hitler mustache and kick the asses of these voter intimidation thugs.

Eric Holder - David Axelrod Mustache Communicates Something--but What?

Eric Holder's teeny mustache causes me great worry because I don't know what he means to say with it. It means something, doesn't it? One's personal style, one's dress, and facial hair have some meaning. Prez Obama has adopted what I call a Socratic Academic style--where what he says (usually peripatetic) is supposed to mean less than how he says it. I call Eric Holder's style a mini-Fuhrer style and I expect others have noticed it to0. At some point, Holder will be told to get rid of the moustache, mark my words. And David Axelrod, too. It's too much of an Obama administration thing, and with the President's popularity sinking, you don't need to recall even a hint of anything that reminds people of Adolf.

Quote of the Day: Ronald Reagan

I wasn't a big fan of Ronald Reagan before he was elected President, but he soon got my attention with his great sense of humor. There are as many Reaganisms as there are Yogisms (Yogi Berra). One of my favorites is when Reagan asked people what the most dreaded words in the English language were.

"I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

Something to keep in mind as this administration winds up its plans for the advanced nanny-state.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Plaxico Burris Gets Two Year Jail Sentence For Gun Possession Charge

There's a Wall Street Journal story sayin' that former New York Giant's football star copped a plea and got a two-year sentence for shooting himself in the thigh at New York's Latin Quarter nightclub. That's copping a plea? Well, yeah...the NY District Attorney Morganthau's pushing hard as a frontline troop for Mayor Bloomberg's anti-gun crusade. District Attorney Morganthau had been pushing hard for a 3 and 1/2 year sentence which Burris would have been facing had he lost in a court trial. Morganthau had to make an example of Burris in order to please Bloomberg's uptown friends on the East and West Sides of Manhattan. Morganthau stressed how dangerous the shooting was for other persons in the bar. The Wall Street Journal says that the police forensics team extracted the bullet from the floor.

If the bullet lodged in the floor, then it was pointed downward, passing through the football player's leg and then hitting the floor. Burris is the sacrificial victim of Mayor Blooomberg's well-known anti-gun crusades. Burris shouldn't have been playin' at being a gangsta' but 2 years borders on gun-control-mania-psychosis of the severest kind. Surely, New York legal officials have better to do than criminalizing football players. A less obsessive-compulsive political system would , make him do 3 months, and release him on parole for the rest of the time.

Well, maybe if he was more like Troy Davis and in a scuffle when a cop got killed, Burris could have people like President Carter and organizations like Amnesty International pitching for him.

Lockerbie Bomber Megrahi Cons Scottish Judge

The Libyan killer of children and other innocents successfully conned an anti-American Scottish njudge into being released after years of beseechment by left-wing power elites. Although President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both made public statements saying they were opposed to the release of the monstrous, non-human being, one has to credit the words of the brother of one of the victims.

"I've been dealing with the U.S. government for over 20 years now (in this matter)and I can tell you that this did not happen without the complicity of the administration."

The translation is a little tattered and inexact but that was the man's meaning. He didn't mince words. He wasn't happy and neither were the families of the 25 Syracuse University students who were murdered along with hundreds of others on that fateful day.

So what reason was given for the release of miscreant Al Megrahi? Compassion, of course. The meagre little vermin is supposed to have prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is slow growing, and the swine Megrahi may be enjoying himself well beyond the 3 month prediction of his death. Certainly, he will be succored by his family and other America-haters.

Insosfar as the Americans and the murdered American children are concerned, Al Megrahi showed much compassion for them in planting a the bomb that killed them all and some Scottish citizens on the ground.

The Obama administration should go well beyond its present statements. It is no coincidence or accident that the release did not occur while Bush was president. Had this occurred, Mr. Bush would of course have been accused of playing oil politics. Of course, Obama's team can be accused of that. After all, they have repeatedly informed us of how high-minded and noble are their motivations.

May there be a curse upon the Scottish judge who released Al Megrahi. May his life be forever damned, and the same for those who applaud the release. Not only did they murder the passengers but they murdered the futures of all the families and friends of the victims. And for what? It can't be asked enough...for what? Ask the question again and again. Make them explain so that we can recognize them and what they are.

The murder of 270 people gets you seven years in jail.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Obama-Care is Very Different from Medicare

The left-libbies really kill me, especially with their new-found trope, placed carefully in their mouths by David Axelrod, Rahm Emmanual and other Obama-handlers.THe not-so-bright idea is to challenge Obama critics by comparing Medicare to Obama-care and to say they are both "public programs." Following that illogic , they may claim, therefore, that critics of Obama's health care plans are hypocrites.

That's a pant-load, if there ever was one. People who get Medicare must be "covered" through the process of being employed and paying FICA and Medicare taxes for X number of years. So when they turn 65 or, if they develop a life-threatening disability, they become entitled to Medicare. It's based on W-O-R-K, anathema to some in the Obama camp who demagogue the issue by offering a "Free Public Plan.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

General Motors Chevrolet Division Announces Volt for Sale in 2010 - Associated Content

General Motors Chevrolet Division Announces Volt for Sale in 2010 - Associated ContentYa' wanna' know about 'dis car?...

Rep Sheila Jackson Lee talks on the phone as a woman asks a question at a town hall event

Hello, Hello? ….Are you there Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee?

It was a great town hall meeting held by the Texas congresswoman. A cancer victim was in the midst of asking a very important question when the politician’s phone rang. The questioner got no response as Jackson-Lee shift position of her cell-phone around her face to get better reception. What with those noisy, pesky right wing people with questions about health insurance, how’s a simple Congresswoman going to order lunch.
No, it’s likely she wasn’t ordering lunch, nor an appointment with her hairdresser either. I don’t know who she was talking to on the phone, actually, but I know who the questioner was talking to.

Can you hear me now?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Obama Awards Harvey Milk Medal of Freedom

I haven't got anything against Harvey Milk. The former San Francisco Town Council member sure didn't deserve to die of gunshot wounds. The mayor, George Moscone and Harvey Milk were shot down by an enraged Vietnam veteran named Dan White.

But in awarding the Medal of Freedom to Mr. Milk, Barack Obama seemed to have watched the Shawn Penn movie or listened to the public TV version that characteried Harvey Milk as a hero and martyr. It's true that Harvey Milk was possessed of great political skill and did a great deal to promote gay rights, but the martyr part bugs me out. Harvey Milk wasn't killed because he was a gay man. In fact, he and Dan White were, for a while, quite friendly. White was a hero of sorts, at least as much a hero as was Harvey Milk. Perhaps more--he was a decorated Vietnam vet and well-liked until he began that slipping-down life.

Frankly, there was a great deal of political intrigue in the city council of San Francisco at the time. I'd tell you how I know but you wouldn't believe me. Anyway, it's mostly a matter of record for those who would care to look. Dan White was on the city council, resigned for a week, and then wanted his job back. Moscone acceded to his request but Harvey Milk saw the chance to appoint another more liberal city council member to take White's place.

Dan White was having problems, personally and financially, as were many Vietnam veterans of that era. But he was a good council member,much liked by everyone, a common man who got along with anyone. But he didn't understand the "sophisticated" power politics of the gay community and liberal society in San Francisco. He wasn't long out of the war. He should have been able to handle it but he wasn't. Mayor Moscone was persuaded by Harvey Milk that Dan White should go. That's when he snapped, slipping into Harvey Milk's office and George Moscone's--shooting them dead.

I called Dan White's home that day, then I called Moscone's office. The place was wild, chaotic, cacaphonic. I talked to a woman, probably an aide, in Moscone's office while he lay dead on the floor, and there was much screaming, and then she also had to hang up and move on.

I'm okay with Harvey Milk being honored for he didn't deserve to die. But there were no heroes and no villains in that business or they were all one and the same.

Letter to Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania

I just spent several hours perusing the House Bill 3200 about the Obama Health Care Scam and find it bureacratic in the extreme. It's too large and complex a bill to be run efficiently by the federal government. A few well-considered laws would have better addressed the problems with the current health care system. Had the President not squandered all of America's resources in bailing out banks, insurance companies,GM and Chrysler, the bill might have gotten a bit more respect--severely revised, of course. Perhaps even a few Republicans would have helped revise it.

Senator Specter seems not to understand HOuse Bill 3200, judging from his Town Hall yesterday. I expect that Senator CAsey couldn't explain it to anyone either, not without spending the rest of his term studying it. I sent him a letter, anyway. His web site indicates he's a staunch supporter of the President's scam. I asked that he should oppose the bill but he'll probably continue to support it. We're talking major Democratic Party lockstep here.

I doubt that God could comprehend this bill, and if God did, He would vote against it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Durbin Dumps Public Option on Health Care

Top Democrat Dick Durbin must not be communicating with Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama or else they forgot to tell him that the spate of Town Hall protests was made of astro-turf. Because now Durbin says he’s willing for forgo a health care public option so long as some form of health care insurance “reform” gets bi-partisan support.

But maybe the growing Town Hall protests aren’t made of astro-turf, and maybe people are really pissed off at a whole raft of overbearing government actions taking place under the Obama administration. With all the billions being tossed around without accountability, fraud is on the increase as dot.orgs sprout up everywhere to channel off public moneys and pocketing it.

No one is looking, that’s for sure, and while dollars are being stolen in every direction, and while President Obama peddles rationed medical care, he refuses to support tort reform or to limit lawyers from suing doctors for everything they are worth, and may be worth in the future. So goes “health insurance cost reform” under the Obama administration.

The most disgusting people of all are those, like Paul Krugman, who say that resistance to the overbearing power of government and a preference for collectivist rather than individual rights is “racist” or, as Chris Matthews put it “because of the way Obama looks.”

Fight the power of today's Washington, people. Fight the power.

"Julie and Julia" : New Film Ignites Interest in Julia Child Biography - Associated Content

"Julie and Julia" : New Film Ignites Interest in Julia Child Biography - Associated Content

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Obama Draws the Curtain Closed on Health Care Plans

The Democratic National Committee needs to get a grip. On August 4, the DNC issued a message attempting to explain all disagreement with the Obama Government Health Care Plan as the machinations of right-wing extremists. That the angry protestors at Democrat town hall meetings must be agents provocateurs is a strictly paranoid notion and not a mild case of it either. That’s the kind of paranoia that characterized Nazi Germany in the 30s. The Obamanites don’t seem to understand that people may be legitimately angry with the Obama government, that people may even demonstrate their anger publicly and loudly. Isn’t that allowed under the 1st Amendment? That’s the trouble with today’s Democrats; they only respect the constitutional amendments they like.

And why is the Obama administration and the DNC trying to stifle debate and dialogue regarding any of its plans? An open discussion is exactly what’s needed before Rahm Emmanual and Barack Obama go marching the U.S. budget off a cliff while imagining a health care system that is neither defined, properly studied, nor revealed to voters.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Existential Angst: 2009 Ford F-150 Light Truck or Ford Focus SE? - Associated Content

Existential Angst: 2009 Ford F-150 Light Truck or Ford Focus SE? - Associated ContentI traded my clunker for cash. Now I'm listening to a lot of the opinions of the uninformed, getting information third-hand from people who try to disguise what they don't know to begin with...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Teachable Moment? Beer Summit? What?

The “teachable moment” is going on right now on the White House lawn. It looks very uncomfortable for all concerned. The press has to post up very far away and take photos with a telephoto lens, giving the scene a cinematic aspect.

The biggest surprise for me is that Joe Biden is there. So you have the president, the VP, Crowley, and Gates together with untouched mugs of beer on the table. Could we at least get a photo of someone sipping? Pretending to be sipping?

Professor Gates looks completely uptight. Obama is stretched out, in shirtsleeves, laconic, casual. Crowley looks uptight and uncomfortable too—he knows he’s not calling the shots and doesn’t know how long it will last. I think it would have been funny had he appeared in his Cambridge police uniform. That would have been perfect.

So what are they talking about? We’ll never know. We’ll get a narrative, though, you bet.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Associated Press: Gates says it's time to 'move on' from his arrest

The Associated Press: Gates says it's time to 'move on' from his arrest rather abrupt turnabout for Professor Gates. Apparently, he doesn't like getting his nuts squeezed in the White House vice. Just click on the headlines to read this fresh AP story from two hours ago....

Cambridge Police Sergeant James Crowley Cuffs Elite Harvard Professor, Henry Louis Gates, Jr - Associated Content

Cambridge Police Sergeant James Crowley Cuffs Elite Harvard Professor, Henry Louis Gates, Jr - Associated ContentLook how prescient I am! The Associated Press has already published a story quoting Gates as saying "it's time to move on" and how he'd like to have a beer with Sergeant Crowley. My prescient conclusions are at the bottom of my article on Associated Content.

No lawsuit forthcoming. Check out the comments section, too. And feel free to upbraid me, too, if you need to.

Fresh Off Controversy, Sen. Boxer Faces Potentially Tough Challenge From Carly Fiorina - Political News -

Fresh Off Controversy, Sen. Boxer Faces Potentially Tough Challenge From Carly Fiorina - Political News - FOXNews.comBoxer is am embarrassment to California. She should resign--Yes, ma'am. Yes, Madam. Yes, Madame. Oui, monsieur!

One could only hope Fiorina would run.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Could I Sell You A Ford Fusion Hybrid?

There was good news for Ford stockholders yesterday when Ford announced upwards of 2 billion in profit in the last quarter. That means it's possible for American business to turn a profit the old-fashioned and traditional way--without being nationalized by the U.S. government.

Ford stock jumped .60 cents yesterday and closed at 6.98, well higher than the $2 stock it was several months ago. Ford is managing this even while the Obama team is using taxpayer money to flush generous subsidies (for rebates and buying incentives) down the toilet in order to compete with Ford and the Japanese automakers.

Of course, the bottom line is cars and Ford has been making the ones people want:

The Ford Flex sold many more units than expected though the price is a bit steep for people like myself.

The Ford F-150 continues to be the top of the line in full-size trucks and is vastly superior to its competitors. The price for the new Ford F-150s is not cheap either but the mileage ratings have improved to 20 or 21 on the highway--that's very good for a big truck with fully boxed frame and tough safety features.

The Japanese are trying hard to sell their more expensive vehicles to people who have been tolerably brainwashed by European inspired auto magazines. The Tacoma is a top seller with a top price, and the full-size Tundra is lagging with its sensitive skin which tends to fall apart under heavy pounding. I don't want to bash the Japanese; they're also making cars without government help and the U.S. auto industry owes them a lot of establishing higher standards of quality during the 80s. The Japanese have also made wonderful innovations in manufacturing which have had a positive effect on U.S. car makers.

But here's the thing. I think the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight are great cars but they reek of sandalwood and Birkenstock sandals. Small and egg-shaped, they would seem perfect for tooling around Mall parking lots but, when you see them puffing along in heavy highway traffic next to sixteen-wheelers and crazy motorheads, you, thanks.

Which explains why the Ford Fusion Hybrid is selling well in spite of its higher price. For that matter, the regular gas powered Fusion gets 33 mpg and neither does driving it make it appear as if Woodstock was the high point of your life. The Ford Fusion is a good-looking car, has good handling, adequate power, and a "real-car" design that is only vaguely reminiscent of its heritage.

So, buy a Ford. If you don't want to buy a Ford, buy a Japanese vehicle made in the U.S. and employing American workers. That's what I think, anyway.

I'm burning mad about the Obama government bailouts for bankruptcy, don't you know?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama Touts Decline in Caterpillar as Stimulus Success

Is the President permanentaly out to lunch? Another hyperbolic claim made by President Obama is that his administration's success was in line with Caterpillar Corporations' recently quarter profit results. That's a sad analogy, and further proof of a clueless seat-of-the-pants White House. There's some truth in what the president said. He's tanked the U.S. economy by his reckless out-of-control money giveaways to who knows where....

Caterpillar did get stimulus money but sales have declined immensely from last year and are down from 40 to 60 percent in some areas. Caterpillar did make some money on its foreign operations, mainly due to currency weakness in the U.S. but that's not something the Obama administration should brag about.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Obama Tells America He’ll Cut Medicare and Medicaid to Pay for Obamacare.

President Obama is really irritating in the way he makes vague claims about how he’s going to create a national health care plan that everyone can afford and how it’s going to be this great utopia where you won’t have to wait in line, and it’ll be free, and you’ll get the best medical care possible. You’ve really got to suspend belief when you’re listening to him. It’s the kind of stuff I might have believed when I was fourteen but I think, by the time I went into the U.S. Army, I was entirely cured.

Obama told America today that he was going to pay for the new public health care benefits by cutting out unnecessary payments to Medicare and Medicaid.

No mention about what these “unnecessary” payments were. You’d think there’d be a tremendous outcry but the sheep are still out in the pasture as Obama escapes the stage without taking a single question.

Americans need to wake up. If Obama’s going to cut Medicare and Medicaid, then he ought to tell us what parts of it he’s going to cut. I imagine someone right now is making a list of medical tests that won’t be paid for and medical procedures which won’t be approved and this same list will be passed on to the New Obamacare Program just so the president can appear to have done something.