Monday, December 15, 2008

President Bush Ducks Iraqi Shoe Throwing Shiite

All of the jacks jumped out of their boxes at the Iraqi shoe throwing incident involving President Bush. It’s like there’s a whole bunch of latent passive-aggressive types out there who have no aggression outlets except watching YouTube videos.

I don’t see how it’s such a big deal since that shoe handling style of protest first surfaced with Russian Premier Nikita Kruschev in the 60s. Kruschev didn’t throw his shoes at anyone but he often had them ready at hand to demonstrate his displeasure. While Kruschev is best remembered for pounding the desk with his shoe at the U.N., he was known to do it at other times, once when he was speaking out against Spanish Dictator Francisco Franco.

So this Iraqi jerkwad who called himself a reporter would seem to have a bias. His “reporting” must make for enjoyable reading in Iran. I only wish he had been so demonstrative when Saddam was in power. Maybe brave U.S. troops wouldn’t have had to go over there to rescue his punk ass. Saddam would have enjoyed the show and then dropped the guy from the top of a tall building with his hands tied behind his back. So I guess his throwing the shoe was really a positive thing, something to be proud of, kind of.

Honorable mention must be given to President Bush who ducked both shots (or shoes) with the acumen of a professional boxer. The president seemed weirdly alert when the first shoe was thrown ala Roger Clemens. The Prez saw it coming, watched it coolly, then dodged his neck rapidly left, a nice little head fake. I appreciated the move because I’m a boxing coach and it’s hard to get my fighters slipping punches with such an adroit sense of incoming missiles. Bush seemed to have his guy measured when the crackpot launched the second shoe; there was no chance of that one hitting him. Bush said it was a size ten but I think he was referring to the guy’s dress size rather than his shoes. Or so it appeared.

Anyway, I’m more offended by the guy’s shouting than by what he did. He was calling Bush a dog in Arabic. Resentful and passive-aggressive left-liberals would say that is giving dogs a bad name, but more appalling to me is that the Iraqi nut doesn’t understand that dogs are great people and so is freedom for Iraq.

So anyway, I wonder if anyone appreciated the President’s shoe-ducking abilities? I guess the world should be glad that it wasn't John McCain standing at the podium where Bush was. McCain would surely have fired back with both barrels and the nutjob would have had a mouthfull of shoe leather which would have required extensive surgery paid for by the taxpayers of the United States.

I wonder how Obama would have done in that slot. Certainly, the press championed Obama’s studied three-pointer on the basketball court. My worry is that one of those shoe shots would have hit Obama since he’s such a slow and deliberative speaker-thinker. Obama would have been parsing it out, searching for words, trying to strike a conciliatory tone. I wonder if the voters thought about the candidate’s shoe ducking abilities during the November election.

But I guess we're not supposed to be thinking of that.

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