Sunday, October 26, 2008

Free Reporter Barbara West! Imprisoned and Tortured by Fortress Obama

WFTV-Channel 9 has our hero of the day, Barbara West, who is right now being ripped apart by the Fortress Obama Media Suppression Squad. Watch Biden's eyes blink multiple times as he tries to beguile and intimidate the bold and courageous woman reporter with jive-ass remarks such as "Are you joking."

No, Joe, we're not joking. You need to answer the questions, and you need pwn up to what you said about Barack Obama during the primaries and recently, that Obama's not up to the job. Why else would he be so sequestered, shielded, protected? You can't hide all of it behind a smile, eye-blinking, and the peripatetic,pathetic verbiage which is your stock in trade.

It's just garbage, Joe, garbage. And you're trying to pull off the biggest scam in modern history.

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