Friday, October 10, 2008

CNBC Reports Wall Street Drop is Reaction to Obama Presidency

Okay, the headline is the usual eye-catching crap required of internet-media market attention getting. But it's TRUE. Carlos Quintanilla mentioned it to galloping guest reporter and NBC headcaster John Harwood. Here's the almost direct quote:

So hey, John...many people around here are saying that the market is reacting to the prospect of huge tax increases which would result from an Obama presidency. What do you think?"

Harwood tried to mute the issue with his response, though he did acknowledge that the economy was tracking opposite to yesterday's polls favoring Obama, That, too, is a way of saying things, but in the fast changing world which sees the world economy suffocating, Harwood was using yesterday's vomit to gauge today's menu.

I've never been a big believer in polls and this year has to be the worst. So far as the polls go, McCain jumped 6 points in one day as the world beocmes more aware of Rezko, Wright, Fleger, Ayers, Auchi, and that Palestinian extremist whose name I can't recalll right now. But I don't believe that either--too many people have been screwing with the polls and with public opinion and with broadcast media to be right or reliable.

The only thing I'm clear on is that things are bad, really, really bad, bad on a whole lot of levels, and I ain't voting for Obama and his Baloney Brother, Joe Biden.

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