Thursday, October 9, 2008

Barack Obama Bailout Plan for CBS

Yes, that's right. Not satisfied with spending the millions of dollars in foreign and U.S. contributions to his campaign coffers on typical advertisements, Obama has now bought an entire program for himself.

So now that voters are choking on the millions of dollars in scurrilous, deceptive, and uninformative Obama ads, they can now watch an tightly focused Obama Documentary about? guessed it...Obama! Word is that Obama is also considering dumping millions into NBC. I only mention it to indicate the kind of audiences Obama is aiming for--presuming demographics data is right about the education levels of the average television viewer.

But hey, Obama.... You don't have to buy the programming--the MSM has been giving you the coverage for free for two years. And with people like Letitia Goins getting paid for registering and voting six or seven times, how can you lose?

You'd just be handing money to the corporations for, for almost nothing...err...for continued support.

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