Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin and John McCain: The Other Team Takes the Field

Said Steve Schmidt, a senior advisor to the McCain campaign, in an email to reporters:
"This vetting controversy is a faux media scandal designed to destroy the first female Republican nominee for vice president of the United States. This nonsense is over."

David Axelrod and Barack Obama must have been poring over the Chicago Dirty Politics Playbook when they tried to sink Sarah Palin before she could set out to sea. Rumor is that they were harkening back to the Dan Quayle torpedoing which happened some years ago. But they had no such luck with the Barracuda, who slipped quietly into the national waters and left with her mouth full of Obama Party flesh.

Obama’s handlers could only appeal to their Democrat friends in the media to raise issues of a “vetting controversy.” That’s hilarious coming from a party which hasn’t “vetted” its long-time presidential nominee yet. The liberal press has shown itself to be a reliable ally of the Obamanites, and can be expected to piously avert its eyes to whatever unpleasant sights remain behind in Obama’s rise in Chicago.

There is a bit of tarnish which clings to Obama’s campaign and it will be hard to shake. This is the first time that Obama has actually faced an opponent. His early success in Illinois state depended upon a litigious procedural challenge against the party incumbent. Obama challenged the signature process of his opponent and got “her” off the ballot. In the Congress of the United States, Obama ran against a forfeit as the Republican went down into flames of scandal. Essentially, Obama is a first timer with no executive experience. He can run the football upfield to the end zone but only when the other team hasn’t yet taken the field.

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