Saturday, September 6, 2008

Obama Forgets McCain: Runs Against Palin

Senator Obama seems to be making a career of running against female candidates. For the fifth time in five days, Obama or his spokespersons have attacked Sarah Palin with many of the same barbs he aimed at Hillary Clinton during the primaries.

Perhaps, the Rock Star of Berlin is a little lonely, speaking to only 800 people at the Wabash Valley Fairgrounds in Terre Haute, Ind. Someone should tell Obama that he’s running against John McCain and not the Alaskan governor. It’s kind of funny, really. You wave a woman at Obama and he charges. Well, sort of…. Sometimes he just sort of flutters along on wind power and flapping gums….

In fact, Obama’s attacks on Alaska show how just how far removed he is from rural America and how much his scant experience of government is drawn from Chicago’s inner circle. In attacking Palin, the Chicago one-term senator complained about federal monies going to Alaskan fisheries. Does the senator realize that fisheries are an important part of Alaska’s economy? Most likely, he thinks Salmon is mined somewhere in Pennsylvania by “bitter people clinging to guns and religion.”

Obama also complained about upgrades of Alaska’s numerous rural airports, necessary to reach the remote regions of America’s largest state. That’s understandable, considering that Obama’s idea of an airport is O’Hare and the longest wilderness hike he’d ever take is on the people mover going from terminal A to terminal B.

Of course, those women sure do know how to spend the money, don’t they? Always asking for a man’s damn hard-earned money! He’d nix federal grants to combat drug trafficking in Alaska, too, since it couldn’t be possible there would be any serious drug-dealing in the boondocks and harbors of Alaska. Nope, he’d rather pour money down a hole in Detroit where the guy he described as “the best Mayor Detroit ever had” pleaded guilty to felony charges in covering up his firing of police officers investigating him.

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