Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No-Money-Down Democrats Critique Wall Street Bailout

Meanwhile, the Obama Channel (MSNBC) continues to bore with Mika Brezinski biting at Joe Scarborough every chance she gets. Brezinski’s a woman with almost nothing to say—she’s like a comic foil to chief Scarborough. The Obama channel wants to have an absurd conversation about “deregulation” apropos of the regulation-deregulation issue, but the fact is that there are mountains of regulation of the financial markets and Democrats on the Banking and Housing Committees (Chris Dodd – D) never raised a protest until they could make political hay of it. Dodd got cheap and easy loans from bankrupt Countrywide Bank and his pal Angelo Mozilo who walked off with millions before Countrywide’s subprime loan program collapsed. It was congressional Democrats like Barney Frank who decided that everyone should own a home whether they could afford one or not. Just bring a body to the closing, no money needed, and no money down. Call them the “No-Money-Down Democrats.”

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