Friday, September 12, 2008

Joe Biden: Put up or Shut Up

Love you, mean it... Would the photo op be more of an opportunity with Hillary in the picture?

You’ve got to bust a gut on hearing Joe Biden talking up Hillary Clinton’s qualifications to be vice-president of the U.S. Instead of talking with the press in the hope of applying salve to the female vote, Biden should have been telling Barack Obama to replace him on the ticket. This notion is creating quite an uproar, but not nearly as much as we should see if the replacement were actually to occur.

There are plenty of rumors circulating that Biden will be replaced by Hillary Clinton but such a replacement would have to be accompanied by quite a bit of fakery. Should Obama merely jettison Biden and replace him with Hillary Clinton by announcing he needs the 18 million votes she got, it would be a disaster. The Obama campaign has shown itself to have some expertise in fakery so a Biden replacement is not out of the question. The aging Biden could come up with some sort of health reason for quitting the race, or perhaps some unavoidable domestic duty which requires Biden’s attention.

Most likely, Obama will stay with the garrulous Biden, but he should himself just acknowledge the mistake of not hiring Hillary Clinton rather than put Biden out there to schmooze the women. Women are very perceptive, and ever on the alert for false signals and indications. The only women who would be fooled by Obama-Biden chicanery are the ones who choose to be.

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