Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Charles Rangel's Ways and Means Resemble Obama's Ways and Means

Charlie Rangel is being investigated by the House Ethics Committee. Likeable and smart, Rangel is head of the Ways and Means Committee and should understand that he shouldn’t have been the landlord of several rent-controlled New York City apartments. Rent control apartments were meant to help those who could not afford a roof over their head, but the program has been often abused, as many “social service” urban programs are.

Lately, it’s found out that Rangel has a home in the Dominican Republic which produces income which he has failed to report. With an Ethics Committee investigation going on, the “Honorable” Rep. Rangel should resign from the chairmanship of the committee as that business comes under a taint of corruption.

It’s the same lack of judgment showed by Senator Barack Obama in his joint arrangement with a convicted felon’s wife to purchase a fancy mansion in Chicago. Reform is coming and it seems there's a lot of it needed on both sides but particularly in the urban jungles where corruption can most readily hide.

Then there's corruption-light considering that Barney Frank, Chairman of the Banking Committee has been handing out money like a drunken sailor. First of all, it was Barney's boys who pushed houses and money on people who couldn't afford them. Now Barney wants to bail out everyone except those who refused to take the cheap, free, and easy money. Democratic Barneys in Washingnton are ignoring their responsibilities in bailing everyone out. What's worse, Barney Franks got really angry when Neil Cavuto asked him how many more bailouts were on the way. That's the kind of response one gets also from Chris Dodd who got cheap loans via the backdoor of bankrupt Countrywide Bank and from pal and Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo.

McCain and Palin need to take a flamethrower to Washington--otherwise it'll only be the taxpayers who get burned. There are way too many people who see government service as a way to make money and set up real estate deals.

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