Sunday, September 21, 2008

Biden's War Cry: Be Patriotic, Pay More Taxes

Leave it to Joe Biden. “Paying taxes is patriotic,” he tells ABC News talking head Kate Snow on “Good Morning, America.” Now the liberal media is in a full-fledged snit clarifying, refining, redefining, confining, underlining what Biden said because Biden needs a lot of such re-defining. It amazes me that there is such sensitivity about the Biden philosophy expressed on the news show. I mean, why bother? The apologists should stick with the line—paying income taxes is patriotic. It’s not likely that libs will be patriotic in the usual ways people have of showing it. Better stick with the Biden battle cry: the more income tax you pay, the more patriotic you are. Liberal sycophants like to point out that Biden was referring to people who made over a certain amount of money per annum, but why deprive the poor and middle class of their patriotism? If paying taxes is indeed patriotism, as Biden says, then everyone should have some of it. If the poor and the lower middle classes didn’t have a generous dose of taxpaying patriotism, then what are we to say about them? That they are not patriotic? We can’t have that, and Obama-Biden won’t.

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