Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Biden Critcizes Obama Campaign Ad

Obama had a lot to say about McCain's disinclination to use a computer but nothing to say when the Russians invaded Georgia. I do think Obama would be better qualified if the presidency were merely a data entry position....


An embarrassed Joe Biden thinks the Obama campaign ad criticizing John McCain is "terrible" and something he wouldn't have made. You know the one--the one where some Diggtards make fun of John McCain being unable to use computers. Biden says he never would have done such a scurrilous ad, though he appeared in the ad. He was responding to a question by Katie Currick when he made the remarks.

The reason John McCain does not travel with a slick laptop in an attaché case (as Obama ostentatiously does) is because he has scant use of his left arm, a souvenir of his North Vietnamese captors. I would add that a fighter jet is much like a computer though a bit more complicated. McCain can fly one of those, no one disputes, while Obama can boast that he once “signed up for Selective Service” with a great deal of trepidation.

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