Sunday, August 31, 2008

Maria Bartiromo Interviews Sarah Palin on CNBC

Maria Bartiromo conducted an amazing interview with Sarah Palin, the full context and transcript of which can be seen on the cnbc website. Forget the McChange hype, John McCain’s vice-presidential choice knows the score about America’s energy problems. In a fast paced interview, Sarah Palin put things in perspective.

The ANWR reserves are a postage stamp sized plot of land in a lunar landscape which can be drilled with almost zero impact on the environment. It represents about 2,000 acres in a land mass which consists of 20 million acres, the size of a miniature poodle’s poop in a surburban backyard.

Speaking of poodle poop, the Obama campaign routinely uses scare tactics to keep energy prices high and Americans dependent on foreign energy sources, even while billions of barrels of oil and natural gas sit within America’s borders and off its shores.

Palin and McCain aren’t opposed to renewables or alternative energy sources, but the Algorean assertion that America could be powered by wind, solar, hydrogen, electricity, etc within the ten year period is ridiculous and they know it. Dare to dream, they say, while flying around the country on private jets and expensive motorized sailboats. Well, their dream will be America’s nightmare if the needs and desires of the 70 percent of Americans who favor offshore drilling are ignored by the Democrats controlling Congress.

Joe Biden has no problem aligning himself with the McChange energy policy. Biden voted against the 1970s Alaskan pipeline which has already delivered billions of barrels of oil to the lower 48. Meanwhile, the caribou are thriving and, except for a long pipe going across the barren sweeps of land, there is hardly a blemish on the environment. Thanks to Palin, Alaska will be delivering huge volumes of natural gas through another pipeline she pushed the oil companies to build.

Biden and McChange represent a hidebound political establishment mired in Beltway and Slick-city muck. Sarah Palin gave up the state’s private jet and tools around her state in a Jetta or the government owned Suburban. Everything is known about McCain and Sarah Palin. Voters need to get their questions answered about candidate Obama, who has continuously and vigorously resisted reporter’s efforts at getting his many “lost” official records.

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