Monday, August 25, 2008

Doesn't Everyone on the Left Love Obama? Not!

I wrote a little article one day for an online news/entertainment website. You can read it—it’s called “My Favorite Leftist.” Check it out at :

The article’s about Lynn Samuels of Sirius Left on the Sirius channel 146. Okay, I don’t like everything Lynn Samuels says but then I never like all of what anyone says. Do you?

Samuels is open-minded, nice to most everyone. Anyone who’s listened knows that many of her callers lean to the left-wing extreme. Samuels curses occasionally but her use of scatology is sparing whereas the pyrotechnics of her listeners is often unrestrained.

Samuels says she likes Biden but she doesn’t like Obama, calling him a phony and worse. It is a sentiment shared by many, but not by all, of Lynn Samuels audience. I’m amazed at the abuse she withstands from the Obama supporters who call in to deride her for not standing by their man. I wouldn’t stand for a tenth as much. I’d go at them with a flamethrower, but then again, I wouldn’t have a show. Now she’s upset with Biden—deprecation by association.

“Biden’s looking at Obama like a besotted lover”, chides Samuels.

A woman calls in and says something I’d said myself a long time ago.
“I was always a Hillary hater until I actually took a look at her and listened to what she has to say,” the woman said.

This woman was from Michigan and she was angry. Just as I did, the woman blamed the mainstream media for the twisted view of the Clintons. I’m not overly fond of the Clinton foreign policy, but next to Obama, the Clintons had obvious substance and policy savvy.

The woman railed at Obama’s “phoniness”. The woman blamed Obama for leaking the story about John Edwards’ infidelities. She was so bitter I wondered if she was from Pennsylvania and was clinging to guns and religion.

“He has to destroy everyone the way he destroyed people when he ran for office in Chicago. I don’t give a ___it what Edwards does in his sex life but Obama’s fucking crazy. I do believe there’s something wrong with him. And do you know why he chose Biden as his running mate?”

“No,” confesses Samuels.

“Because Biden’s son, the attorney general of Delaware, was the one who put Larry Sinclair in jail after he held that news conference (at the National Press Club).)

How was that? And who is Larry Sinclair? Larry Sinclair is a gay man who says that he met with Obama in Chicago in 1999, used cocaine with him, and engaged in a sexual act with him. It is true that, after the press conference, two police departments vied with each other to arrest Sinclair as a fugitive from other charges. According to all reports, the arrest warrant was issued by the state of Delaware, Senator Joe Biden’s home state.

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