Friday, August 29, 2008

Bumbling Bill Burton Wants to Bump Sarah Palin

Bumbling Bill Burton, in a figurative Obama “wife-beater” tee-shirt pose, described Sarah Palin as the “former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience (who is) a heartbeat away from the presidency.” Wow, could the Obama camp be more threatened? That’s change you can lose. Instead of lashing out at John McCain’s vice-presidential choice, Obama should be doing an intense self-assessment to ask themselves why, exactly, they rejected the sure-fine winning strategy of a Hillary-Obama ticket and traded it for a business as usual S.O.S litany of bumper-sticker tropes and a thirty year Washington Senator and bureaucrat.

It doesn’t make sense the Obama campaign would ditch Hillary. The excuse of a Bill Clinton looming in the wings was a convenient dodge, but who really believes that? Bill Clinton is sophisticated enough and Hillary is capable enough that the sum total effect would have been positive, had Obama learned how to share. Obama’s behaved like an only child with identify confusion in picking Biden over Clinton. Yes, of course, Biden is chairman of the Foreign Relations committee. Sure, that counts for something, but the fact is that 18 million people pulled the lever for that enduring woman who, whether you agreed with her policy positions or not, was strong enough, capable enough, informed enough, and tough enough to lead the Democrats. Obama didn’t just miss the chance—he intentionally chose to lose because, now with Sarah Palin, John McCain is a sure-fire winner, and the campaign can only unleash hatchet whacks like Burton to demean two true bootstrappers who don’t have to embellish their records of public service.

I know what Obama and his people were thinking. They had wounded the former president by accusing him of racism and now they felt the guilt of oppressors and cheats. They had sought the help of Democrat Party behind-the scenes bosses in undermining Hillary’s achievement and they had relied on the old reflexive knee-jerk reactionism that is best exemplified in their choice of Biden. They suck; they deserve to lose.

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