Saturday, August 30, 2008

Barack Obama: Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies

Barack Obama has become the candidate of vagueness. Gone are the issues, gone is the message of “change”, gone is anything that might ruffle the feathers of the mesmerized mob. There were few issues to begin with, at least not as issues are usually understood. The Obamanites were opposed to offshore drilling but now are “open” to the idea. We have a delirious, mainstream media to blame for that. Obama is a long-time gun control regulator who talks around the issue in such a way that one might think he’s a charter member of the NRA. Biden spent much of his time writing, speaking, and putting into legislation the gun control laws which were recently overturned by the Supreme Court.

The media-repressive tactics of the Obama campaign are also partly responsible. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Obama campaign has launched a full frontal attack on WGN-Radio, a subsidiary of the Chicago Tribune, for interviewing Stanley Kurtz. At the urging of a circulating Obama campaign email, the radio station has been bombarded with emails and phone calls from fanatic Obama supporters.

So who is Stanley Kurtz? Well, a conservative writer who filed a Freedom of Information Request against the University of Illinois to open their records of Barack Obama’s association with William Ayers, an unrepentant 70s terrorist who bombed police stations and public buildings. The Obama campaign continues to withhold information about a presidential candidate who has offered and advertised an inspiring public narrative but avoided important questions about his background.

Remember, it was the Chicago Tribune which finally prevailed against the Obama stone wall with regard to the Chicago mansion Obama bought at a reduced rate on the same day that Antoin Rezko’s wife bought the land next door at full price. The paper did coax Obama into a press conference to answer questions about his association with Rezko in March, but the candidate’s responses were vague and peripatetic. And who is Nahdmi Auchi, the Iraqi billionaire who is under investigation for corruption related to the U.N. Oil For Food scandal? Auchi is also the man who loaned Rezko $3.5 million a couple of days before the deal on Obama’s house and Rezko’s lot went to closing on June 2005. Though a witness claims to have seen Obama toasting Nahdmi Auchi at the Rezko residence, Obama claims not to know the man. Well, there is knowing and knowing. Or there is the mesmerized media, unknowing, and not wanting to know.

Certainly one kind of knowing is through the examination of paper records. While Obama provided 94 pages of documents regarding the purchase of his house in Chicago, conspicuously absent was the settlement sheet which shows where the money goes and where it came from. The paper trail that led to Rezko’s conviction on fraud indicated that the Rezkko’s wife got a half-million dollar loan requiring a $125,000 down payment indicated that the Rezko’s were near broke. Mrs. Rezko’s financial records showed savings of $35,000 and a salary of $37,000. What generous bank or banker supported that?

Eventually, Nahdmi Auchi had his visa revoked. But Rezko was able to get two Illinois state government officials to appeal to the state department to restore Auchi’s visa. When a Chicago newspaper asked Obama if anyone from Obama’s office had been involved in assisting Auchi, he responded again vaguely. Not that he knew of. Now there are Freedom of Information Requests to obtain documents related to that, but they, too, are stonewalled.

The candidate Barack Obama appeared unruffled at the ersatz Acropolis created at Invesco Field as he accepted the Democratic Party nomination. Without questions, without answers.

Sources: Wall Street Journal of August 30, 2008.

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