Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fox News Captures Jesse Jackson's Hurtful Message to Barack Obama

The airwaves and the internet are abuzz right now about the remarks Jesse Jackson made about Barack Obama. Obama's campaign continues to set new precedents as this is the first time in campaign history where a major public figure has apologized to the world before the world heard the remark.

That will come later, though, as the videotaped version of Jackson's comments will be aired tonight exclusively on Fox News before being picked up by everyone else.

From all accounts thus far, Jackson criticized Obama for abandoning urban youth and themes and talking down to the members of traditional African-American churches. Jackson's comments regarding Obama's elitism extended to at least one hurtful comment which preys significantly on male fears and rivalry.

Jesse apologized for being angry with Obama to the point where he wanted to "cut his - - - - - s off..." or something to that effect. The remark, painful as it was, will probably be excused by Obama who will say something indicating the 'remark comes out of Jackson's mouth because he was the victim of earlier times.' Obama dismissed Wright's racial tirades in much the same way, blaming Wright's fulminations against America and against "garlic noses" (sic) (Italians) as coming from a bygone period of American history.

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