Monday, June 30, 2008

Supreme Court Disavows the Nanny-State in 2nd Amendment Ruling

We’re so lucky to be living in a country where our freedoms are guaranteed by a constitution that is clear and unequivocal about our inalienable rights. The founding fathers who created the Bill of Rights were cognizant of how things were done in Europe, and while conditions were often tolerable there, the degree of individual freedom granted to Americans is unmatched anywhere in the world. One of those freedoms is possession of firearms, guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution. There can be no doubt, in light of the Supreme Court ruling in the D.C. gun law ban, that the 2nd Amendment cannot be abrogated by the Nanny Statists who claim to be protecting us while they hatch plans to herd us like livestock into the human equivalent of a complacent, bovine prison.

The founding fathers trusted that people knew enough about tyranny to govern themselves. The gun-controllers and nanny-staters believe that, because some people are bad and do harm to others, all of us must surrender out rights and acquiesce to their control. Nanny-staters like Mayor Adrian M. Fenty of Washington D.C. believe that, wherever there is a handgun and a law-abiding citizen, the citizen will inevitably pick up the handgun and commit mayhem and violence. The nanny-staters are currently going ballistic over the Supreme Court ruling, but that is as close as they will get to firearms and bullets because they believe such things are inherently evil. The nanny-staters have trouble differentiating between objects and people, so they tend to lump them all together, or to put blame on objects instead of people when the legitimate and constitutional laws of government are broken.

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