Thursday, June 26, 2008

Obama and the Whopper: Big Lie Number 1245

The Obama campaign is insidious, reminiscent of Lenni Riefenstahl's glorification of Dur Fuhrer. What really upsets me is that there are no restraints to Obama's claims. I saw a TV ad recently in which Obama took credit for extending additional health care benefits for wounded troops. He was referring to a 2008 defense authorization bill. When the vote happened, Obama was one of the six senators who were absent. So Mr. Invisible had no part in the 91-3 vote.

That doesn't stop him though. His feckless supporters and the softball media are infected with the "Rapture," and they're hoping you will be, too. How many times must an image be projected before it's determined fake?

But I guess a guy who made his own presidential seal wouldn't be worried about a tiny bit of pscyho-pathology.


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