Thursday, June 12, 2008

How I Accidentally Joined the Black Liberation Army

Somebody straighten me out on this. Somehow I got to join the Black Liberation Army. I suppose there may be other whiteboys in the group, but perhaps I am the only one. Let me explain. About a month ago, I started receiving these emails from something called the “Clarksdale Community Forum” which, I believe, is located in Clarksdale, Mississippi. They’re a group of African Americans who support Barack Obama and the first emails were attempts to get my vote. I shot back a rather sarcastic email about Obama’s Rezko connections and said I wouldn’t be voting for him any time soon.

One would think that would have got me off the list but I guess I wasn’t rude enough. I still get the emails, press releases, and other stuff intended to buck up Obama’s Mississippi supporters. They have emailed me to recommend I boycott Fox News and any of the sponsors advertising on the Fox Channels. They have sent video links to Marxist style revolutionary assemblies which appear to have been videotaped in the 60s, before Simon X killed Malcom X in New York. There are short clips of Malcom X, of Angela Davis, and a bunch of life-on-the-street clips which are very engaging, especially for those who remember the days when Watts was burning, and Newark, and a bunch of other cities. I also got to listen to some beats from the Last Poets, which were a combination of old-school rap and new-school “liberation.” They were pretty fresh insofar as nostalgia can be refreshing.

I have acquiesced to being in the Black Liberation Army because it gives me a feeling that I’m “on the march.” Of course, I have some identity conflict when I listen to the link to a Black Liberation Army radio station in which the chief topic of discussion is titled thus: “Is the White Man the Devil?” They should have asked me. I would have told them yeah, the white man is the devil, and so is the black man, and the “yellow man” and the “indian man” and all the other stereotypes they mention in the broadcast. It’s kind of fun, a little simple, and there’s almost a bonhomie to it as the guest and the host recite the litany of white devil offenses. We killed the Indians, we attacked the “yellow man”, we castrated the “black man”, we sent aids to Africa, we are now killing the Middle Easterners. There is little mention of black on black violence or Muslim on Muslim violence such as occurs in Darfur. The dialectic is strictly Marxist.

Know what? Call me a wimp, call me a bleeding heart, I got a little sympathy for these people and I got a little sympathy for the “devil” (the white devil) but the song is wrong. I know life is getting even tougher in some of the neighborhoods. But it’s tough for most everyone. Does anyone give a darn about the struggling “grits” who fix up old cars and grow cabbage in the backyard to supplement their jobs in the feed mill?

There’s nothing new about this reheated, failed Marxism. Obama needs to educate these people, and tell them why they’re wrong, how they’re hurting themselves and how they’re hurting America. Obama needs to tell them to put their energy into working to help themselves and their families, that the old Marxist style poltics is yesterday’s breakfast and always ends up with innocent people taking bullets in the head, mass graves, and mass starvation. But of course, he’ll take their votes and maintain radio silence. That’s Obama.

Okay, Black Liberation Army Member Moeursalen….


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