Monday, May 19, 2008

Obama’s Gun Control Utopia

Among the things John McCain has going for him is that he’s not a lawyer, never been a lawyer, and doesn’t want to become a lawyer. Not so for the other two candidates.

William Shakespeare was once asked how he’d go about creating a Utopia. The first thing you’d need to do, said Shakespeare, is to kill off all the lawyers. It’s no secret that the Great Bard had considerable legal troubles and had grown weary of their nattering, though necessary, presences.

The Doctor of Jurisprudence has been known to hybridize the truth of things, making facts unknowable, or at least mildly suspect. Presidents must have Attorneys General among their cabinet members and it’s something that Hillary must have had daydreams about at Wellesley. Obama must have had similar reveries in Harvard Yard. It’s doubtful that John McCain gave it hardly at thought in those two great universities he attended, Annapolis and the Hanoi Hilton. However, it seems that each of the candidates has their pet legal crusades:

John McCain has so far proposed going after online predators and child pornography, initiatives favored by the Bush administration. McCain has, however, vowed to add human traffickers to that list. McCain’s reportedly had talks with Senator Sam Brownback and former Attorney General William Barr. John McCain has a perfect record with the NRA except for his support of background checks at gun shows.

Hillary Clinton revived her husband’s initiative of putting more cops on the street. This is, in some sense, realistic and cash strapped communities across the country were glad of the financial and moral support.

Barack Obama is a vehement proponent of strict gun control and that is not news…Obama supports extending the assault weapons ban, limits on gun sales, and a national law against carrying concealed weapons. Obama recently told voters that they “had nothing to fear from me” if all they wanted to do is go hunting or protect their families in the home.


• Obama would restore the so-called assault weapons ban which applies to rifles which are not really assault weapons.

• Obama would impose radical new restrictions on handgun ownership in defiance of 2nd Amendment rights.

• Obama would empower his left-liberal lawyer friends to sue gun-manufacturers, gun store owners, and individuals who transfer ownership of guns to others.

What’s the meaning of all this? Actually, it’s a sort of pablum for the masses, the same stuff he’s been feeding voters since day one. In one recent week in his home turf of Chicago, 30 people were killed, some of them with guns. Chicago is where Obama was a so-called “community organizer.” So far as I can tell, that means he was a lawyer for the housing authority, a role that needs great embellishment. Apparently, Obama couldn’t organize people enough to commit to a real solution which is to stop killing or beating upon each other, to get an education, to stay out of the gangs that have long plagued Chicago.

A rigid gun-control agenda is Obama’s excuse, his cover, his pennant, his panacea for all the failures of the Cook County Chicago entrenched white-collar mob which gave us Antoin Rezko and Governor Blago-whatever.

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