Monday, May 19, 2008

Obama Super-Diplomacy Captivates Ahmadinajad

Iranian President Ahmadinejad sure has a way with words. The fanatical terrorist leader of Iran continues a torrent of rabid Nazi rhetoric against Israel in calling the Jewish state "a dirty microbe," "a wild animal" and "the West's scarecrow". More recently, as John McCain pointed out, he called Israel a “stinking corpse.”

It’s a good time for Baraka Obama to make good on his Hope and Change foreign policy designed to bring rogue nations into line by talking with their leaders. While Obama often describes himself as a friend to "our ally" Israel, Obama is as silent on the Iranian president’s pronouncements as he was while listening to Reverend Wright telling his congregation how white people implanted AIDS in Africa and how 9-11 was a revenge killing of U.S. civilians by G-O-D.

Television channels report how Obama has suddenly turned to wearing a flag pin to connect with American patriots across the country. I would accept that as an improvement, in spite of its obvious political convenience. Yet, Obama feels that something would be gained by shaking hands with the people who seized American hostages and held them for 444 days. Appeasing the Islamo-fascists in Iran with conciliatory rhetoric would be just the ticket, according to Obama and his supporters. It would make everyone feel good, and when people feel good, great changes can be accomplished. So goes the thinking of Obama and his advisors. But if that were true, as someone said, then Dr. Phil would take the place of Dr. Spock as leading foreign policy advisor. Perhaps, he has and we haven’t been told.

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