Thursday, May 1, 2008

Joe Andrew (DNC Party Worm) Voted Traitor of the Week

Joe Andrew gets my vote for this week’s Traitor of the Month. The former DNC Chairman Joe Andrew, a former Clinton Superdelegate who switched sides to support the Barackian Cause, was so panic-stricken and shaky in his decision that he couldn’t man up to a courtesy phone call. He told CNN that the courtesy of notifying Hillary of his decision would be like old-fashioned party politics. Huh? He must be thinking of Chicago and Rezko. Does Joe Andrew know where Cook County is? What a colossal ______hole!

Andrew tried to couch his announcement in noble terms but there is no dignifying that sort of treachery. He’s trying to shut down the Clinton campaign at a time when Hillary is gaining steam. The FOD syndrome afflicted the former DNC apparatchik while he was pressed between a sandwich board at an Obama campaign rally. Wait a minute—you don’t know about the FOD syndrome? That’s the acronym for Fear of Democracy, that characteristic of some donkey party hacks to distort the will of the people expressed through voting. Florida and Michigan get the idea, even if you don’t.

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