Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bloomberg Loses Gun Control Lawsuit in New York City

The Wall Street Journal today reported on the resolution of New York City’s lawsuit against the gun industry. Resolution, in this case, means kicked out, ejected, rejected, up-yours….

The argument that the gun industry is responsible for New York City shooting deaths is much like suing Ford, Toyota, GM or Chrysler for automobile deaths. Yet, cosseted liberals like New York’s elite Mayor Bloomberg continue to massage their Holly-Go-Lightly base by spending taxpayer money and tying up the courts with frivolous lawsuits.

Cases like this one are meant to strangle the justice system and have nothing to do with justice. Complicit in New York’s lawsuit against gun manufacturers are Judges like Jack Weinstein whose career is famous for the number of court reversals he’s seen. Weinstein doesn’t need laws or any kind of constitution to impose his personal feelings and demonstrate his public weeping capacity. It’s like Descartes—I weep, therefore I am. Somehow, it never occurs to Weinstein that he can’t simply litigate societal problems away.

So I’m cheering the Second Circuit Court of Appeals which shit-canned Mayor Bloomberg’s fluffy lawsuit against gun manufacturers. The lawsuit was sleazy from top to bottom and couldn’t even be filed under conventional laws. Bloomberg’s legal attendants filed the brief under a city criminal NUISANCE statute, cheap stuff, but consistent with other backdoor attempts at irresponsible gun control. The objectives of Bloomberg’s office may be to bankrupt manufacturers through nuisance litigation. If the mayor wants to try that he should use his own money.

Bloomberg will continue to huff and puff for gun control while making full use of armed security guards for his own life and property. But for people like New York's mayor, guns are a privilege reserved only for criminals who will smuggle them from the same places from which they smuggle heroin and cocaine. Contrary to the guarantees of the 2nd Amendment, people like Bloomberg believe that ordinary citizens must consent to be victims.

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