Friday, May 2, 2008

Bloomberg Gases About Gas Tax

Is there some kind of law that says that people who live in large mansions must wag their fingers at ordinary citizens and tell us why we need high gas prices to suppress our driving habits? That’s what New York Mayor Bloomberg was telling reporters today. Billionaire multi-corporate business owner and Mayor Bloomberg seemed outraged at the prospect of lifting the tax. With jowls quivering, he harrumphed his indignation with the proposal.

Bloomberg may have made millions at Solomon brothers and has so many other successful business enterprises including substantial holdings in media and finance, but somehow he hasn’t learned to count. Bloomberg sneeringly told reporters the gas tax suspension would only put thirty bucks into the pockets of struggling citizens. Then he worried about “infrastructure” so I guess he thinks the infrastructure is great right now with the gas tax in place. I guess he hasn’t driven to Brooklyn lately. Or maybe his Humvee or limo can handle the ditches in the road.

By any arithmetic, the lifting of gas taxes would save well over a hundred bucks even for people like me. I work at home and do less driving than the average person. Yeah, a hundred bucks may not be much, but when you factor in the increased price of foodstuffs caused by the price increase in gasoline and diesel, you get the message that Bloomberg has a somewhat cynical, imperial attitude toward people struggling with their bills. No wonder he supports Obama—birds of a feather. By the way, that's Obama's crib up there at the top, and the lot that Rezko gave him. I wonder how much oil it would take to heat that baby.

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