Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Barack Obama: Appeasement is About Me!

I think it was lucky that Obama plays the victim so well that he took it upon himself to claim he was the subject of the President’s recent “appeasement remarks.”

The President might have been referring to the three Democratic congress members who went to Iraq prior to the Iraq war on a trip financed by Saddam Hussein.

The President might have been referring to Dem Congressman Dennis Kucinich and his trip to Syria.

The President might have been referring to Jimmy Carter and his recent Middle East meeting with Hamas leadership, no doubt conceived to pave the way for Obama and his anti-Israel followers.

The President could have been referring to Columbia University’s president who last year hosted a visit by Ahmadinajad.

But it could also apply to Barack Obama in light of Obama’s statements that he wanted to meet and talk with Iran even while the regime provides training, supplies, and equipment to hostile forces killing our soldiers. This is no longer an Obama charm offensive. Could Obama really want this fight with the President when his associations with radical left preacher and Farrakahn friend Jeremiah Wright has undermined Obama’s declaration that he is indeed a friend of traditional American ally Israel?

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