Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Obama's Continuing Misadventures in Foreign Policy

Barack Obama’s continuing misadventure into foreign policy ran off a cliff when he continued to repeat the slur-slogan that McCain would fight a “one hundred years war.” If the slogan was not boring in itself, Obama’s repetition of it is. Obama hopes to impress the Obama Channel News Show (MSNBC) with his redundant wit and poseur. It’s a bit transparent that Obama has no foreign policy plan that couldn’t have been contemplated by the average 8th grader. So Obama is left to chant slogans. McCain usually ignores such drivel but today fired back with a controlled barrage that underlined Obama’s lack of sophistication and knowledge in foreign affairs.

McCain commented on Obama’s impulse to leave a “strike force” behind in Iraq. That sounds a lot like a phrase lifted from Adventure Comix but McCain wondered what kind of Strike Force Obama meant, how large it would be, where it would be located, what would be its mission, and raised a bunch more question marks about Obama’s fitness for duty. This came at a time when I was taking it all so seriously so Obama did provide some laughs, but not enough to sustain us for a hundred seconds, let alone a hundred years.

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