Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Howard Dean Interviewed by MSNBC Nora O'Donnell

Quick shots….

Howard Dean, leader of the Democratic National Committee, appears to be a funny little chipmunk of a guy with puffed cheeks and a bristly way of speaking. He appeared today on the Obama Channel (MSNBC) and was interviewed by Noreen O’Donnell. Dean seemed not to know he was in friendly territory when O’Donnell gave him a chance to defend himself against attacks (by Democrats) on his leadership. O’Donnell had to repeatedly lead Dean back to the question.

“What strategy do you have for dealing with John McCain and the voters of Michigan and Florida?”

Dean’s basic response to her importuning was to say:

“Well, obviously, that’s why I’m here on your program,” he bristled.

Huh? If appearance alone were strategy, Dean should make it a daily occurrence. On the other hand, if he had a plan of any sort, he should have mentioned it. Dean contradicted himself by saying he wanted to have the super-delegates declare whom they’d vote for by July. In the next breath, he said the super-delegates had “every right to do whatever they want.”

Do you get the feeling that Howard Dean is near the break point? Or possibly well past it, as he launched into two rather bizarre statements. How were they going to resolve Michigan and Florida? Well, first you get a nominee by forcing the super-delegates to declare themselves before July 1. Second, you get the nominee to decide the manner in which the Florida and Michigan delegates will be seated. Dean is “sure” that will be a fair process. Who does he think he is, anyway, Pontius Pilate?

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