Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Think I'm gonna' Holler-Throw Up On My Hands

I can't tell you how many times I've heard MSNBC pundits praising Obama's speech in defense of Rev. Wright. To call that a great speech indicates to me that Americans know nothing of oratory. Churchill was an orator. MLK was an orator. Obama is a mere reciter. If it takes so little....

Of course, our press is in the tank for Obama, too. What we have here, in the Democratic process, is a case of the legislature (not the voters) and political bosses choosing the candidate. Massachusetts went for Hillary but "super-delegates" of Mass. shift for Obama. New Mexico goes for Hillary and Iscariot Richardson goes for Obama. Disenfranchise the voters from Michigan and Florida, too. And so on. To Pennsylvania where Hillary has a 17 point lead and a pending victory which must be downplayed by the dark cabalists who try to wrest control of the election process from the hands of the electorate.

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