Sunday, March 30, 2008

PA Senator Bob Casey: Obama's Newest Infatuee

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey toughing it out with an inner city youngster....

That was a pretty slick move by Senator Barack Obama to come out and say that Hillary Clinton should “stay in the race as long as she wants.” The remarks came as Obama stood beside Pennsylvania’s newest elected Senator Bob Casey. Casey was said to be miffed at the Clintons for not allowing his bigwig politico father to dance at one of the successful Clinton conventions and so threw his support to Obama. More likely, Casey was lured by an opportunity of some sort, feeling perhaps his political star would rise more by toadying to the NELLEEs (NorthEast Liberal Latte Elite Establishment) represented by Leahy, Kennedy, Kerry, and others than by sticking with the Clintons. Casey’s endorsement would not even be worthy of note except for repeated assertions that he’d remain neutral in Pennsylvania’s April 22 primary.

Senator Casey sounded a little demented in saying he was lured into the Obama camp by Obama’s charting “a course on a big issue like race that I don’t think anyone has done in a generation.”

Huh? Race is now one of the most significant issues of the campaign, according to Casey. Double huh! Next thing he’ll be telling us is that he’s been a community organizer in the “inner city”. It’s true that Casey spent the obligatory political moment in the “inner city” of Philadelphia, long enough to figure he didn’t want to be there and couldn’t hack it if he did. Casey was a volunteer with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps and coached 8th grade basketball before beating feet to law school and safely rejoining the ranks of the barrister gentry. I'd like to see Casey walking by himself even two blocks off of Broad Street in the Olney section of North Philly before I’d believe he was interested in anything but his own political opportunities.

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