Sunday, March 30, 2008

Obama Should Bow Out, Reconsider VP Job Under Hillary

It was really magnanimous of Senator Obama to come out and say that Hillary Clinton should “stay in the race as long as she wants.” It was rather like a boxer who realizes that his opponent is still standing as the fight gets into the late rounds and realizes he hasn't got enough firepower to put the guy away.

This sort of ex post facto magnaminity must be applauded lightly however, because Obama is signaling to his despotic supporters that they ought to shut up and let the process take its course. Some of his campaign staffers and super-delegate supporters have begun to look like tenement reprobates wearing wife-beater tee-shirts.

Super-delegates Kerry and Kennedy have crossed up the voters in their states, and were then followed by Dodd and Leahy. The roly-poly super-delegate Iscariot Richardson appeared to be groveling at Obama’s feet in exchange for political dog treats. That’s not to offend dogs, mind you, for dogs are noble beasts who are incapable of insincerity and phoniness. Very much the opposite of “super-delegates.” One would have thought they might, at least, have come up with a better name than “super-delegates.” It reeks of high-handedness and low-mindedness.

Perhaps it is time for Obama to bow out of the race or perhaps to reconsider Hillary Clinton’s offer of a vice-presidency, at least. There, he could get OJT and would certainly dispel all accusations of self-aggrandizement and hubris. How does that saying go? Pride goeth before the fall? Pennsylvania is next to fall into Hillary’s vote tally and Obama has yet to prove he can be a winner in the big states with large electoral vote counts.

Obama’s only real chance is to stand up for the voters of Florida and Michigan. What’s he worried about? James Carville has already said he could team up with guys like Corzine and possibly billionaire Bloomberg to easily raise money enough to bankroll a re-vote. Why would Obama want to risk everything by accepting a nomination without a mandate from the voters of two large American states? The legal ramifications of doing so could spill over into other areas and drag on through at least a decade. Even weak-kneed Howard Dean knows this and has his fingers wrapped around the worry beads.

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