Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chelsea Clinton: Woman of the Day

First there was MSNBC gossip columnist David Shuster accusing the Clinton’s of “pimping” their daughter for political purposes, a notion that is insulting even if it were sanitized. Shuster is a slimy dolt who imagines he is reporting the news while he advances his anti-Hillary personal agenda. And next, there is a question put to Chelsea Clinton from an audience member about the Monica Lewinsky "scandal". Talk about venom and petite bourgeois resentment! But that’s why Chelsea is my Woman of the Day. She put all the jacks back in their boxes with her measured, simple, and intelligent response:

“I’ve been to 70 of these campaign events and no one’s asked me that question before. Know what I think? I think it’s none of your business.”

Yeah, not only that, but it’s scurrilous and low to smear the child of a candidate with slimy taunts designed to make oneself popular on YouTube for about 2 seconds. Get a life ____hole!

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