Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bill "Iscariot" Richardson

No amount of sanitization can account for the lame and repugnant remark made by Barack Obama’s advisor about the “stain on the blue dress.” New politics? Are we there yet? Shall we now, in response, lay bare all the pathetic minutiae of that advisor’s sexual contacts and encounters in political life?

As to "Iscariot" Richardson, Carville is not shedding false tears and phony apologies about his own comments and Carville deserves credit for that. How is Richardson not a “traitor” to the Clintons? What post is he angling for? What would be strong enough motivation to reject the popular vote in his state? What lumbering spirit goes slouching toward Chicago politics?

It's all very weird, almost like a cult following, and it seems to be contagious. Half the Democratic party seems to be experiencing "The Rapture" with Obama and rejecting a person who knows a whole lot more and expresses it a whole lot better, although not in a sonorous, sing-song male baritone.

George McGovern is probably right in saying yesterday that it “is harder to elect a woman president than an African-American.” Certainly, the representatives of Time, Newsweek, and other print media are trying to outdo themselves in kicking a woman when she’s down. Joe Klein took issue with Lannie Davis for telling the same truth that James Carville did, except in more mannered terms. Lannie Davis is one of my favorite Democrats, one of the most decent men in the public arena (which perhaps is not so much of an accomplishment in considering Kilpatrick, Spitzer, and Larry Craig).

Joe Klein’s argument was patently stupid in saying that Obama’s problem with Reverend Wright was last week’s business. Hillary Clinton mentioned, in response to a direct question, that she would have got up and left any church where the pastor said, in effect, that America deserved the 9-11 attacks. What leaden inertia made Obama’s butt stick to the seat of the Chicago church where a pastor tells his flock that the United States introduced the aids virus into Africa to destroy the people of that continent?

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