Monday, February 4, 2008

Secret Agent JD Hayworth and the Rush Limbaugh Shadow Government

The Wannabe Shadow Government of Ultra-Right Politics continues to work for Hillary Clinton (Except for George Will, with his well established bona fides, the anti-McCain pundits do not represent intelligent conservatism). Appearing on the Fox News network this a.m., J.D Hayworth, reiterated its support for Mitt Romney and its opposition to front-runner John McCain. Hayworth lost his seat in congress after a single term. The former motivational speaker and Eagle Scout has a booming voice and we learn from his website that he was a business management consultant. You know….one of those guys who screams at the top of his lungs about how rich you can be by buying distressed real estate. Where in his curriculum vitae is the information regarding his lock-step hypocrisy? Hayworth’s appearance was short—apparently, he was in hurry to get back down to Florida to polish Rush Limbaugh’s boots. Who listens to him anyway?
What’s with these people and their absolutist and impractical slogans? They’re sounding almost as lame as the Democratic presidential candidates. Which explains the affinity for Hillary, in any case, and the reason they’re becoming ever more irrelevant to intelligent voters.

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