Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dicksville Notch Sinks Hillary Clinton, Chooses McCain

If Davy Crockett were rinnin' in Dicksville, he'd be sure-fire winner...

The results from Dicksville Notch are in and John McCain’s won it with 10 votes. Ha-ha.

A more interesting story comes from today’s RCP poll which, if validated by the results, shows Obama about 10 points ahead of Billary. I’ve never been a Bill Clinton hater and I always thought there was a better man in him than the one who balled a teenage apprentice. The real Bill Clinton came out swinging at Barak Obama. There were no “dirty tricks” about it—Bills’ attack was frontal. He went at Obama with hard body blows and didn’t pull his punches. His punch went something like this:

“Not one time has Obama been asked about his flip-flop on the Iraq war. At one time, Obama even said he supported President Bush’s policy.”

That was the drift of it. But it was good to see Big Bill back in center ring, feet set like a heavyweight fighter, defending his wife with the passion of any primitive. One of the biggest turn-offs about most Democratic candidates is their wormy, back-door conniving and pretense. Bill said that Barak was living a “fantasy” but he should kick some ass in the Democratic Party and get it back to its basic function and roots.

Speaking of worms, there was that Ron Paul character threatening to sue Fox News because he won’t be in the Republican TV debates. Hell, why not let me pontificate? I’m just as popular a candidate as he is (nil) and there’s the added premium that I’m not yet off the rails. Well, he is the favorite of many Democrats, as is Governor Huckleberry. If the Democrats are successful in nominating Governor Huckleberry, they will be able to validate all those “right-wing conservative Christian-sans-separation-church-and-state” placards they’ve already bought.

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