Monday, September 10, 2007

Most Annoying Television Advertisement Ever: Vonage

Vonage phone service is a good idea that can save you money yet their television ad is having a disastrous effect on my psyche. I'v nothing agains the content of the commercial except for the attention-getting sound effects. Whoo-hoo-hooo-hooo-wooo-hoooo ad infinitum. The creating ad agency is apparently of the fascist sort which doesn't care so much if the consumer buys the product as much as it cares that the consumer listens to the ad.

On that score, the ad is superb. If you have the tv on, you've got no choice other than to listen to insouciant, grating rhythmic nonsensical electronic noise which indelibly scars brain tissue and leaves listeners in a state of mind more suited to a session of obsessive weapons cleaning than buying a phone service.

It is only me? Let me know... post a short comment. Save me!

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