Friday, August 24, 2007

Advertisement: EasyPass Carbon Credit Forgiveness Program

Is your yacht too large? Is your private jet using too much fuel? Does the burden of guilt caused by your tons of CO2 emission begin to pile up higher than your stack of carbon credits? Don’t worry!... ECCFP can help relieve that guilt burden with powerful counseling and forgiveness tools offered to you at low prices.

There’s no need to bother with those sleazy carbon credit programs which promise you a clear conscience but do little to ease your environmental worries. Here at ECCFP, we promise to completely eradicate your guilt so that it never returns. You’ll be able to jet around solo and not worry about your effect on the planet. If yachting is your thing, we offer speedy and responsive sea-going counseling and forgiveness plans from one of our marine CigarCraft jetboats in your choice of colors.

Remember: Get ECCFP…. when the burden of excessive carbon emissions begins to get you down.

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