Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Healing Arts & The Doctors of Terror

That so many of the terror suspects arrested in the London-Glasgow attacks are doctors should dampen the fatuous notion that “the poor” become so “desperate” that they “turn to terror.” That litany of clichés has been a sort of mantra for those who wish to rationalize terror against civilian populations.

Islamic terror has always been propelled by privileged elite. Ayman Al Zawahiri is an Egyptian medical doctor. Osama Bin Laden comes from a family of family of great personal wealth and had bodyguards and private limousines to assist him in cruising for women in the bars of Beirut. It is interesting to note how successful the privileged elitists of terror have been in persuading stupid, poor, and desperate followers to commit suicide in the name of homicide in the name of morality in the name of Allah…

A network of doctors makes sense from the terrorist standpoint. The special privacy guarantees of American and British medical health law allows the unrestricted transmission of information. Confidentiality concerns protect the death doctors if communication is embedded in the text of private patient health information.

Do they have a Hippocratic Oath in medical training hospitals of the Middle East? What would it say? I promise to uphold and respect human life except for civilians, infidels, gays, Jews, Christians, moderate Muslims, young men and women dancing in bars, and all those who don’t agree that mass murder is the solution to all of mankind’s problems…

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