Thursday, June 28, 2007

Stay Out of the Sand Trap and Look Out for Lap Dancers

Advice to golfers playing the Cherry Valley Pennsylvania Course: Stay out of the sand traps. Don’t over hit your first drive on those long dogleg holes. Concentrate. Don’t let yourself be distracted by the bimbo squad and the lap dancers hired by an operator of a “Gentlemen’s Club” who rented the course for a private party.

A Pennsylvania newspaper called The Pocono Record reported the full story this week, complete with video. According to the Pocono Record report, about eighty golfers paid a $150.00 fee to play the course and to frolic with strippers and lapdancers in lounge chairs alongside the fairways. Did the sight of naked or half-clad women cause golfers to aim for the “rough”? Did some lucky woman’s husband or boyfriend get caught by the video camera of passersby who traveled the public road which runs along the golf course?

It’s hard to attract visitors to a blog which tries to deal in serious things. So here goes my first shameless attempt to use sex to sell advertising:

Pocono Record - Strip club owner faults media for driving golf outing story

Incidentally, The Pocono Record was taken to task for its “salacious” reporting by another Pennsylvania newspaper, The Morning Call. The Morning Call published an edited version of the cheesy cheesecake video. According to a Morning Call writer who contacted the Associated Press for a comment, AP wasn’t interested in the video. The Morning Call published the following comment in its June 27 edition:

''We do exercise judgment on that kind of material,'' said Kevin Roach, executive producer for online video at AP.

But will YouTube?

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