Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Arlen Specter Fights for Guantanamo Detainee Rights

Would that it were not true, but Pennsylvania's Senator Arlen Specter supports action to provide Al Quaeda operatives vacationing at Guantanamo with rights of habeas corpus. This means that the prisoners at Guantanamo would have special privileges and rights which uniformed and regular prisoners of war do not have. Unless the U.S. government could specifically prove that the highest standards of evidence was applied to the detention of these battlefield terrorists, these headcutters and mad bombers would have to be released. A writ of habeas corpus, provided compliments of Pennsylvania's Senator Spector, would be served upon them while further legal proceedings were undertaken against them. Of course, the former prisoners of Guantanamo would stick around for that. And of course Senator Specter would extract sincere promises from them not to kill any more of our people. Perhaps the next President of the United States, Madame Hilary Clinton, might put Mr. Specter in charge of writing up subpoenas for their appearance in court. Pennsylvanians can rest easy with the Senior Senator in charge of their security. Remember, it was Mr. Specter who came up with the legendary "magic bullet theory" for the Warren Commission.

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